Why Hairy Armpits Are Not Sexy

11 Aug 2011

Did anyone see Lust, Caution? It’s a 2008 movie by Ang Lee, starring Tony Leung, Tang Wei and Wang Lee Hom. It’s a Chinese-American espionage thriller film set in Shanghai during World War II. It is a very intense film of love, trust and betrayal. But most notably, the film’s explicit sex scenes resulted in the film being rated NC-17 in the United States. People said you can see a flash of Tony Leung’s balls in one of the sex scenes but how come I didn’t see it!!?!?! I’m pretty sure I was concentrating hard during those scenes. :x

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I did, however, get a full frontal view of Tang Wei’s unshaven armpits more than a few times during these hot and heavy scenes. I guess one can only guess that hairy armpits was the uhm, fetish trend, at that time?! O_o The sex scenes are indeed very steamy; and I don’t care what other people say, I really think that they are absolutely necessary for the progression of storyline. Either way, if you haven’t seen the film, you should coz it’s good imho. Similarly, if you are bushy under your arms, you should also consider removing your underarm hair.

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Last I wrote about hair removal, I went to ONLY Aesthetics for a QPX Brazilian. I raved about how painless the procedure was and signed myself up for a second session. No, I am still not going to provide visual proof of the result (heh!) but I did undergo the same QPX hair removal treatment for my underarm this time around. This one I can show you. :P

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Changed into the robe before hopping onto the treatment bed.

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Similar to the Brazilian I did, the aesthetician slathered cold gel on my pits while I sported those Matrix-style shades again.

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Here’s the device which emits laser pulses and zaps the hair follicles away.

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Feel free to use your imagination and picture this same procedure applied to that sacred secret garden between your legs. That’s what goes on during Brazilian QPX.

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This isn’t a close-up of picture of the resulting hairlessness, but you get the idea. Smooth, baby, smooth.

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PAINLESS + PAINLESS = PAINLESS. ;) I really dig this QPX hair removal procedure very very much.

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As this was my 2nd Brazilian QPX, I have noticed that hair growth was relatively slower after two sessions. But it will require a few more sessions for an almost-permanent result. Sorry, no vajajay exposure but you can see my legs instead. Go and watch Lust, Caution instantly online (NC-17) if you really wanna see a beaver. :P

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ONLY Aesthetics often run promotions on their QPX services and there is an accelerated program for those with active hair growth and severe ingrown cases (thank gawd!!!).

  • Underarms/Upper Lips: $128 (Done once every 2 months for the 1st year, followed by another 1 year maintenance, total treatment time will be 2 year)
  • Underarms/Upper Lips Accelerated Program: $288 (Done monthly for the 1st 6 treatments, followed by maintenance till the end of 2 year program)
  • Whitening treatment: $150 (helps to accelerate the brightening/ evening up of the underarms discolorations)
  • Whitening treatment mask: $150 (helps to sooth, hydrate and whiten/brighten the under am after treatment)
  • ALA CARTE Treatment for whitening: $20 each

Whitening treatment (this one’s new!) has been created due to many request from ONLY Aesthetics customers. The whitening serum used is formulated with high whitening properties to quickly disperse the discoloration on the skin and also to suppress the melanocyte cells from actively producing melanin which results in the dark patches on our skin.

  • Brazilian: $688
  • Brazilian Accelerated Program: $988
  • Whitening Treatment: $250
  • Whitening Treatment Mask: $250
  • ALA CARTE Treatment for whitening: $30

Accelerated Hair Removal for Men:

  • Underarms/ Upper Lips/Chin: $388
  • Full Face: $688

Terms are the same as the accelerated program for ladies.

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Get in touch with ONLY Aesthetics (tel: 6314 4434) and make your appointment to try these out for yourself. Be on the team and mention “The Moonberry Blog” — Go Team Moonberry!!!™ :) :) :)

And I’m just wondering… which is sexier: men with hairy armpits or hairless armpits?


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