Wrapped Up For Winter

17 Dec 2010

I caught a snippet of the news on TV last night and they reported that 40% of the US is presently covered in snow. :0 It’s been flurry-ing on/off just very slightly in NYC so it’s not as bad as the northern states across the country. But still, the weather is extremely cold and for the last two days, whenever I went out there weren’t too many people on the streets. Throw in the wind chill factor though and the streets were even more deserted. I seriously had to bundle myself up before going outdoors.

Just the other day, I layered myself with 1 HeatTech body warmer around the waist, 1 long sleeve HeatTech undershirt, 1 fleece pullover, 1 scarf, 1 down jacket, 1 pair thick leggings, 1 pair skinny jeans, 1 pair fleece socks, 1 pair Uggs, 1 pair fleece gloves. That’s a lot of clothing, folks. And it was *still* cold! :0 From the outside, I looked like the photo below (you don’t get to see the layers and layers underneath). Can I just say that I nearly threw up from being wrapped like a dumpling, because it got very suffocating after a while. Freezing outdoors, warm indoors (thanks to space heaters).

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1. Scarf: This is an area where you can spice up your winter wardrobe. Generally I don’t see a lot of colorful outerwear during the winter, say on the subway and on the streets. Everyone’s pretty much wearing black. Black jacket, black coat, black pants, black boots, black beanie. The weather’s depressing enough, so cheer up your outerwear a bit by accessorizing in bright colors or patterns, you know?

2. Down jacket: I don’t know how they do it, but I know of some guy friends who manage to get by all winter by just wearing a polyester windbreaker or a hoodie. O_o?!? They must have an infinite reserve of internal body heat or something. I can’t survive without a well-padded down jacket. Down jackets really work to insulate body heat and keeping me warm. And they’re light enough to be packed away during off-season; I put mine in a vacuum-sealed bag, goes from fluffy to flat in seconds. Convenient for traveling too, when there isn’t enough room in the suitcase.

3. Jeans: I’m sporting skinny jeans this season, with enough denim elasticity for me to layer a pair of leggings underneath. It’s bad enough to be walking around super puffy from all the layers of clothes and looking like an overweight penguin on top. Wearing something skinny is flattering.

4. Uggs: OOOOHHHHH I LOVE MY UGGS. This is by far, the BEST investment ever and my toesies are kept really toasty and warm in the winter. Back in my snowboarding days, my toes often get frostbitten – that was not fun at all. You know how they say you lose heat through your head and your feet, meaning if your head and/or feet are cold, your entire body is cold. It’s true! It’s important to keep your feet warm (and wear a hat or pull on the hood of your jacket).

Just how cute are these mini Uggs replica for a baby? :D :D :D

(Uhm, no my feet aren’t that big. Everything looks big next to baby shoes, HELLO!)

What is unseen but can definitely be felt?


And we get lots of it during the winter. I forgot about this when I attended a wedding over the weekend and wore my silk Elizabeth and James Japonais short dress. I had bright pink leggings underneath and oh my god, the dress was sticking on me and bunching up in all the weird places below the belt. It was mad unflattering. I ended up grabbing a can of Cling from a Duane Reade nearby, sprayed the hell out of the dress and managed to survive the rest of the wedding. Phew.

I should’ve done my homework and read this before hand: How to Stop Static on a Dress Clinging to You.

E&J Japonais dress, worn by Faye Wong. }:)

The other thing about static is, whenever you kiss and hug someone hello or goodbye, you will zap the other person. Ouch! Not very romantic or friendly, eh? Talk about an electrifying kiss that takes your breath away. :X It literally is! *Z-zz-zzzaps!*




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