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3 Feb 2011

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Whoooohooooo! The new Chinese New Year is upon us final-friggin-ly! Oh, how long have I waited for this day to arrive. Adios, crappy-ass Year of the Tiger. Hello, promising Year of the Rabbit. According to the Chinese Fortune Calendar website, this year will be a romantic year for some people. Oh yah? Frankly I got lost around the second half of the page where it started talking about lucky elements. O_o? Maybe you’ll grasp the concept much better than me, so go on and read the full scoop for yourself.

In the meantime, here’s my Bunny roundup fer you.

1. Miffy the Rabbit Night Lights, 2. Mugs by The Black Rabbit, 3. Rabbit Perch Vessel, 4. Silver Hare Necklace, 5. Little Moments with You Mini Notecard, 6. The Rabbit Relocation Project 5×7 Print.

1. Catch a Moon Beam 8×10 Print, 2. Vintage Glass Bunny Stud Earrings, 3. The Bunny Tree Wall Decal, 4. Little Bunny Love Onesie, 5. Pair of Rabbit Porcelain Figurines.

1. Pink Bunny Keychain, 2. Jackalope The Fearsome Critter Gold Short Sleeve Men’s T Shirt, 3. Cherry Red Jumping Rabbits Purse, 4. Primitive Bunny Art Card, 5. 2011 Bunny Suicides Wall Calendar, 6. Leaping Rabbit Valentine, 7. Jack Rabbit Brooch.

1. Rabbit Apron, 2. Down the Rabbit Hole Bangle, 3. Great White Rabbit Candy, 4. Origami Rabbit (How-to PDF), 5. Origami Rabbit .

1. Rabbit Cup and Saucer Set inspired by Tennessee Williams, 2. Bunny Scarf, 3. Belinda Bunny Organic Lavender Eye Pillow, 4. Fawn Moon Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit, 5. G’Rabbit Salt and Pepper Grinder, 6. Rabbit Snowball Perfume Bottle, 7. Corrugated Rabbit.


恭禧發財~~~~~~~~~ ^^

If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, please get OD-ed on Great White Rabbit candies. EVERY Chinese person must is highly recommended to eat this candy from time to time and appreciate the fact that despite the diaspora, this is one of the things which we all share in common, no matter where we grew up or what dialect we speak. It’s part of our culture. And the candy’s yummy too. ;p



Peace out.



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