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21 Apr 2011

My daily morning call sports a white and gray coat, four teeny paws and a fluffy tail. Who needs alarm clocks when you have a cat in the household?! She does not run on battery yet can go on and on and on even especially before she’s fed.

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A note on the bottle of Azodyl. My kitty was diagnosed with renal failure four years ago, in other words one day her kidneys somehow decided not to work properly anymore hence, she has to go on a special diet as well as medication for the rest of her life starting from the day of diagnosis. The Azodyl capsules help to slow down uremic toxin buildup and prevent further kidney damage in dogs and cats. It is a breakthrough in veterinary product and works by providing natural enteric dialysis through the use of beneficial bacteria that support kidney function. Because she’s physically small and coz she’s a cat (duh), she can’t swallow an whole capsule so every morning I have to crawl out of bed, crack open a capsule and mix the powdered medicine into her food.

So yeah, you can say that this is one mighty precious alarm clock kitty to me. ♥ ♥ ♥ And not to worry, she’s doing fine and is constantly showered with lotsa lotsa lotsa TLC (a bit too much perhaps, kekekeke). In fact, I’m so thrilled that her latest blood test indicated improved results compared to her very first diagnosis results in 2008. Perhaps one day she will no longer need to rely on her meds and her vet may give me the green light to chuck the Azodyl? Ah well, no matter what I only wish for Mel to have a long healthy life. ☼ ☼ ☼ Man, I’m telling you…. my kitty has a really good, pampered life. I want to be her! ;)

The Moonberry Blog

This cat of mine is quite a messy eater and I recently had to devise an impromptu moat for her food bowl, because I realize that there were plenty of ants enjoying the leftover messy bits in and around the bowl. I reckon ants can’t swim so I’ve been putting her food bowl inside a plate filled with an inch of water. I think my moat has been pretty effective as I haven’t spotted a single ant ever since my invention. Yay me. :P


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