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7 Jan 2013

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I’m starting my 2013 leisurely and slowly. I’m still recuperating from the holidays and I’ve only just begun peeking out of the rock that I hid under for the last couple weeks, heh. Most days I don’t even bother putting on makeup and my hair’s tied up in a bun away from my face. (Read: unkempt.) I’ve also stayed away from my computer for a bit and enjoying a bit of down time before picking up on my online geekery.

The way I see it, there’s a whole twelve months ahead of me, no rush to go after all the greatness just yet. ;)

I dug into my wardrobe and donned a pair of short denim overalls recently which was just right for the casual vibe of my first week into the year, I thought…

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Moonberry

Short denim overalls with the unmistakable pair of adjustable suspenders are such a blast to the past. I’m sure at one point or another back in the 90’s we all owned a pair or two of these. I thought it’s just nice for a casual week in humid Singapore, where I’ve been wearing shorts more so than long pants in the last year. Denim overalls are comfy and there’s also that nostalgia factor of the good ole’ days being a worry-free kid loitering inside a mall to escape the sweltering summer heat for me. *grins*

What do you used to do in the 90’s? What were you like back then, do you remember?

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Moonberry

Yoox, AG Adriano GoldschmiedRevolveCarharttBlue Asphalt

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Moonberry

My denim short overalls and bangle are from Club Couture.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Moonberry

Anyhoo, back in the 90’s I was a huuuge design geek. Long before there was ever a Moonberry “the (so-called) blogger”, there was Moonberry “the creative”. It’s my core identity, it’s my way of living, it’s who I am! Surprised? Don’t be. This year I’d very much like to get back to my art & design roots and shift my focus back to more creative endeavors*. The pursuit of other interests may come and go, but personally there’s been nothing more gratifying over the years for me other than committing to creative projects and seeing them come to a fruition. It’s such a rewarding feeling and a natural adrenaline rush for me. That great sense of accomplishment is something that no one can put a price tag on. I want more of that for myself this year!

So yeah, you’ll most likely be seeing less beauty products’ review posts – which I was never really into to begin with, but honestly I don’t think I will ever be ready to look old (who does!?) so yes you will still get to read stuff pertaining to skincare, indulgent treatments, anti-aging products and all that great self-beautifying stuff. What I truly hope for though is to have more curations of pretty chic creative schtuff and lifestyle-oriented commentaries of an artsy-fartsy nerd on this space.

You reckon you’ll be sticking around for that? Please do. I love my readers. :)


* There, I’ve bolded and underlined it so it means that I’ve proclaimed it to the Universe. Message sent, received and recorded. 2013 is gonna be a creative wonderland for me and I’m gonna own it. Boooyahhhhh!

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