Avian Project 2013

11 Jan 2013

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

Back in 2009, I challenged myself with creating one digital design per day continuously for thirty days. For no reason other than wanting to keep busy with an on-going personal project and stretch my design muscles a bit. I could definitely benefit from the daily creative exercise and because I had just moved to SG at the time, I needed to feel grounded and the surest way for me to do that is immersing myself into a creative pursuit. (I know it’s kinda weird; other people went out and partied in new social circles while I holed up inside the apartment and pushed pixels. Watdyaknow, I guess I’m strange like that. The parties did take place a bit later for me though, haha!)

So… back to my daily creative challenge: it would also be an opportunity for me to just let loose, pushing myself to break out of my comfort zone and throwing whatever I wanted onto a blank canvas without overthinking or excessive overtweaking — which was much easier said than done, seeing how we’re always our harshest critics.

I have always been fascinated with bird motifs and wanted a single theme for this 30-day challenge, so I named this project of mine “The Avian Project”. Basically I’d create a digital design daily about, inspired by and/or pertaining to birds (along with other related symbolisms). Towards the end of the 30 days I actually managed to complete the challenge and stuck to my daily designing commitment. Yay! I had the artwork catalogued online for a couple years and it was viewable publicly, but when I switched host server, the FTP folder containing my images got deleted during the move. Fear not, I have backups of those artwork (PHEW!) although I never got around to re-uploading them – but I definitely will soon. I’m working on incorporating this gallery onto my Moonberry.com umbrella site. (No, duh… I ain’t gonna be selling umbrellas, I mean the website that’s one level above this blog ie. the parent url, kekeke.)

Fast forward to sometime in 2012, I had this nagging voice in my head that I really ought to pick up where I last left off in 2009 and add a handful of new artwork to “The Avian Project” catalogue. Ideally I will continue to explore this avian/bird theme and add a few new work to my catalogue year after year, until I accumulate a substantial body of work and then have an exhibition to showcase it all one day. Exciting, right?

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

For the last couple months I started banging out a series of digital artwork for “The Avian Project” [2013 collection]. Since I was vocationally trained as a graphic designer then years of professional experience in digital media, I started out with designing these digitally before printing them out and framing them for the purpose of display. I made a total of eight designs for this round, best displayed and viewed as a collective.

Avian Project  // Spring-Summer 2013

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

Wanna have a closer look in person and view the design details up-close? Well, you most certainly can! But for a limited time only…

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

This collection of artwork is presently viewable at Feet Haven (136 East Coast Road) until February 2013. Thank you, Feet Haven, for the generous and kind gesture of showcasing my artwork as well as supporting my creative pursuits. :) :) :)

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project at Feet Haven

And while I was at Feet Haven, I couldn’t resist not getting some pampering so I went for the Yawn Medley treatment: 45 min foot reflexology + 15 min neck and shoulder massage at just SG$38!!! I totally needed it after too many hours of slouching while producing my Avian Project artwork. Hee.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project

Btw if you’re wondering what is my whole fascination revolving birds, please allow me to share an excerpt of my artist bio above:

Through imageries of birds, often coupled with positive affirmations, Moonberry hopes to inspire others to discover a higher purpose, answer life’s higher calling and bravely go after their dreams.

So there you go. :) I promise I’ll get that online catalogue up and running soon so that you can see my initial 30-day design challenge creations, and get a better sense + a broader picture of this Avian Project thingamajig.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Avian Project

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward for there you have been and there you’ll always long to return.”

Lovely quote, isn’t it?

I hope you’ll all go to view my Avian Project artwork in person at Feet Haven (136 East Coast Road) and treat yourself to a foot massage while you’re there, because after February I’d like to move the artwork to another location. If you have or know of a commercial or public space with a sizeable blank wall – even better, a gallery space! – and interested in showcasing my artwork, please drop me a comment below or email me. :)

Taking flight,

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