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25 Apr 2012

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Beautiful, more clear skin begins from within. There’s actually good science behind light therapy which shows how cell rejuvenation will create a more youthful appearance.

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Introducing the Baby Quasar, a gentle and painless at-home device that uses four different wavelengths, both red and infrared, to stimulate maximum cellular activity to promote anti-aging, lifting and a smoother complexion. The patent pending Baby Quasar is the perfect solution for someone trying to achieve more youthful look without having to spend both time and money on a skincare therapist.

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In between facials from a professional beautician, I have started to use this device at home. It has three modes addressing skin issues such as enlarged pores, acne scars and fine lines. Watch the official video below on how and why it works.

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This is completely painless and very comfortable to use. Using the Baby Quasar is ultra simple, just gently rub it on various sections of cleansed face in small circular motions.

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The infrared light emitting from the device soothes and stimulates your skin, increasing blood flow and circulation, which generates the synthesis of new collagen. This results in a smoother complexion with pigmentation spots/acne scars looking lighter and less in-your-face (pardon the pun, heh!). Recommended usage of two to three times weekly.

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Lately I’ve been suffering from an annoying break-out because it’s that time of the month for me (TMI but yeah, it happens). In particular, there’s this one huge-ass zit on my cheek that’s crazy throbbing and it’s looking more and more monstrous daily. I seriously get so pissed looking at it, and believe you me, it’s angry back at me too! I’ve been putting topical antibiotic on it religiously but just for kicks, I decided to use the Baby Quasar on it to see what will happen. After all, the Baby Quasar has pain relief and healing properties.

In just one application, as you can see above, the size of my angry red bump is visibly reduced. It is also not as red as before I started using the device. I wasn’t expecting an instant miracle cure and it did not turn out to be the case either, but I believe that the increased blood flow caused by usage of Baby Quasar has effectively reduced my discomfort from the acne and the skin around it feels soothed. So yeah, that’s my personal testimony. It is still looking acne-ish and I know it will take a few days before it completely heals, then it will antagonize me further by leaving a scar behind (guaranteed, dammit!!!). That’s when the Baby Quasar will be back in action — to reduce the discoloration caused by the scar.

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Light therapy is best for individuals with sun damage, redness, broken blood vessels and brown discoloration, including freckles. (Hey, that’s me! I will keep y’all updated on how this device fares on my skin). If you wanna get your hands on the Baby Quasar too, it is now available in Singapore online at

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