BelleWave White-Neurogist Express Lightening Expert

3 Nov 2013

Lately friends have been looking at me with sympathy and concern in their eyes, before dishing it out and saying to me, “Hey, you look really tired and your skin seems kinda dull. What’s going on with you?”. Why, thank you for noticing. I have been severely fatigued and not getting quality rest for weeks now, so it’s of little surprise that I look kinda grey-ish. The perfect shade to match my grumpy mood and stress-laden existence.

And whatdya know? An opportunity for a trial session to experience the award-winning and professional lightening treatment BelleWave White-Neurogist™ Express Lightening Expert came up on my radar, so I jumped at it with as much enthusiasm as I could muster in my constantly-tired condition and went to check out whether it lives up to its promise.

BelleWave White-Neurogist Review

For those who experience dull skin from fatigue and stress (ie. ME!), the BelleWave White-Neurogist™ Express Lightening Expert +, is a 6-step lightening treatment that intensively corrects dull and uneven skin tones, while eradicating existing pigmentation and preventing further discoloration. Powered by a Nobel Prize-winning active that boasts 125 times more antioxidant potency than Vitamin C and further supplemented by a complex of 7 lightening actives, this luxurious treatment will lighten and brighten skin to unveil translucent radiance.

All those technical schpiel aside – hey, I’m an excellent candidate for this treatment! It had me at “luxurious”… *purrr*. The trial session for BelleWave White-Neurogist™ Express Lightening Expert + I went to was at Adeline Beauty Spa located inside ARC mall at 460 Alexandra Road. Did it work to lighten the pigmentation spots on my face? How did it fare for my current schizophrenic skin condition?

Not only do I have dullness right now, I also haven’t done any whitening treatments in … what, almost two years now or maybe longer? I haven’t gone for laser-toning in a good six months either, so my face is getting spotty again with freckles on my cheekbones and acne scars around my chin. I do slather on sunscreen daily and religiously but the spots are more rampant than before. Throw in a handful of really stubborn deeply-embedded zits around my chin (can these just die already, gawddammit?!), along with white spots on my cheeks – evidence of dead pigments and they are permanent, all of these factors of the dead and non-dead combined has made me every aesthetic doctor/dermatologist/beautician’s nightmare.

If gentle, too gentle = waste of my time/energy/money. If harsh, will result in more white spots/dead pigments = no thanks! I have become quite a skeptic and do an invisible eyeroll of distrust whenever anyone promises a solution. Uh huh, I had reservations whether this BelleWave treatment/facial would work out for me. *cue invisible eyeroll of distrust*

The six steps in BelleWave White-Neurogist™ Express Lightening Expert + treatment are:

BelleWave White-Neurogist Review

If you tend to gloss over diagrams and can’t be bothered to read all of the text (like I do sometimes), just look at the illustrations and you will see that there’s a lot of massages that goes on with this treatment. In the treatment duration of an hour and a half, I remember being massaged and then massaged and yet again. It was a luxurious and pampering experience! (Ahh, there’s my fave L-word again.) But more so than the actual pampering, the massage was administered with BelleWave products being applied so it was both relaxing and purposeful.

BelleWave White-Neurogist Review

My skin was (still is) a mess – looking at it depresses me. I also have no idea what’s that yellow streaky patch under my left eye and when/how it got there. Adeline, chief beauty-therapist and owner of Adeline Beauty Spa, prepped my skin by cleansing it thoroughly and extracted two to three of the stubborn zits on my chin prior to the whitening treatment. Surprisingly, (considering the post-extraction small punctures on my skin) the first step of the whitening treatment which was a peel did not cause the slightest tingling sensation or irritation whatsoever. Therefore I concluded that the products in the BelleWave White-Neurogist kit are very gentle – from the peel to the massaging gel, serum and masks.

BelleWave White-Neurogist Review

The gentleness of the products is one thing, but it doesn’t mean anything if they are not effective. Incredibly, they WORKED –  I was quite astounded by the results. I honestly couldn’t see the difference in person when I looked into the mirror immediately after the treatment. I never do; whenever beauticians coo at me post-treatment and happily point out the difference, I throw them a shade that expresses “what bs are you talking about” wordlessly.

That’s why I was surprised when I reviewed at home the photos that I took of my skin during the treatment. Under the same lighting condition:

– my skin tone looks brighter and more luminous,

– the texture is smoother and softer,

– the offensively large spots on my left cheekbone are less intense and not as dark in appearance,

– overall complexion is more even-toned.

I am happy that my skin has responded really well to every step of this treatment, with much of the credit going to Adeline for being attentive and a seasoned professional. I am glad I got to try this treatment at her beauty spa where she personally assessed my skin condition and took care of me. BelleWave White-Neurogist™ Express Lightening Expert + is part of BelleWave professional treatments. BelleWave is a skincare brand of Swiss heritage that provides for professional dermal and wellness care. Facebook Page: | BelleWave Website:

I have just two words about this whitening treatment:

Oh, wow.

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  1. fariza says:

    hi..may i know how much they charge for the treatment?is it expensive or affordable treatment? tq..

  2. viji says:

    How can I buy thru online bellewave whitening product?

  3. Loyce kibe says:

    How can I buy your products online kindly also let me know the price I will send you pictures of the products I use am very hapo

  4. marim says:

    How can i buy Eyennergy ATP Defense System & brightening system

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