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8 Dec 2011

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This holiday season is the perfect time to pamper oneself and indulge, don’t you think? After all, it’s nearing the end of the year and it makes perfect sense to unwind, take stock of what has taken place in the eleven months prior and let your hair down a bit.

I treated myself to a Creamy Chocolate Facial recently at Beyond Beauty. I have heard a lot of good things when it comes to chocolate-based treatments. Studies have shown that chocolates have anti-oxidants and minerals which promote good health inside out. Chocolates contain a chemical called tryptophan which gives you that heady feeling when you eat chocolates. Aside from this, chocolates contains other chemical elements that can provide you with a relaxing, feel good and giddy sensation all over whether you eat or apply chocolates on your skin. Just the smell of chocolates creates brain reactions that promote feel good sensations.

The Moonberry Blog beyond beauty facial

Applying chocolate spa products on your skin has several health benefits such as:

* The cocoa butter that can be extracted from cacao beans, which are used to make chocolates, is rich in fatty acids. Facial or body spa treatments with cocoa butter can provide great softening effects on your skin.
* Glycerides are ingredients which can also be found in cocoa which provide moisturizing lipids and fats. These will help plump and firm your skin.via

The Moonberry Blog beyond beauty facial

Beyond Beauty International is a forward-looking company with a holistic approach towards health & beauty, offering total face and body care, complete with slimming and spa services. As one of the most progressive companies in Singapore, their services are a unique blend of the latest technology and the skillful human touch. All this, coupled with the best value, is customised to complement the individual lifestyles of their customers–the modern man and woman.

The Moonberry Blog beyond beauty facial

The Creamy Chocolate Facial which I did is nice. It is targeted for stressed, tired skin (we all suffer that from time to time) and also dehydrated skin. The thing I love the most about this facial is the soothing fragrance. After cleansing, steaming and extracting, a custom ampoule is massaged onto the face. This ampoule smells sooooooooo good, it kinda reminds me of lychee martini. :P Following that, a creamy chocolate mask is applied onto the face and this smells like… well, we all know what chocolate smells like. A sweet smell that makes us happy. And it’s been said that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, no wonder us gals generally have a weakness for these morsels of picker-upper.

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After the facial, my skin felt supple and adequately moisturized + rehydrated. From distressed to de-stressed. :D If you’re looking to pamper yourself, I recommend going for the Creamy Chocolate Facial at Beyond Beauty. First trial is only $88 and it is an indulgent treat indeed.

Question for readers: What are some of your fave chocolate-based treats?

Mine would be chocolate fondue. :9~

The Moonberry Blog beyond beauty facial

The Moonberry Blog beyond beauty facial

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