19 Jul 2011

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If you’ve been following me on twitter, then you are aware that I’ve been having caterpillar problems in my herb garden. One day everything was nice fluffy and green, the next day my basil looked dried up, my red chili plant had white fuzz all over its delicate leaves, and my mini asian lime tree started sporting leaves with holes in them. Many many holes. Upon closer investigation, I found three fat caterpillars hanging out in the mini tree. They weren’t small either, about an inch long and have I mentioned how fat they were? They were about as thick as my pinky. So I snipped off the leaves on which they were sitting on and tossed them down the garbage chute. Just when I thought three unwelcome guests were bad enough, over the next subsequent weeks I discovered even more little baby ones still wriggling around looking for leaves to munch on! Garrrhhhh~ these creepycrawlies were totally mowing down my herb garden. :(

Anyway, I manage to pick up a low-toxic spray from the nursery and have been spraying my garden with a vengeance. There hasn’t been anymore caterpillar sighting (phew), but I am nervous about using any of the herbs from the garden in the future since they’ve been in contact with chemicals. For now, the herb garden will stay as a decorative corner in my apartment. In the meantime, my eyes started roaming for garden-related items to consider as future green substitutes. :p

I came across these beautiful keepsake boxes containing bulbs or seeds from Bloembox, meant for gift-giving. They are so colorful and pretty that I just have to share them here on my blog. The hand-wrapped paper boxes are adorned with hand-crafted silk flowers made to look like the real garden flowers. Each box is carefully filled and then tied with a lustrous satin ribbon and gift tag with a poetic reference to the flower. BloemBox gifts contain the finest bulbs or certified organic lavender florets and rose petals or premium seeds distributed between biodegradable tissue paper for effortless planting.

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Very pretty, right? They aren’t cheap, imo, but I suppose these are really two gifts in one: a colorful keepsake box as a reminder of that special day, and a gift of seeds for beautiful gardens of bloom. I found a limited time sale going on over at Joss & Main too. Hmm, I like the humming bird design as well as the one which contains dried lavender sachet. Uhm, I think I’m going to stay away from the butterfly design at this time. :|

✎ Question for readers: What’s in your garden?

The Moonberry Blog


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