Brand’s Chicken Essence Asks Are Women Brainier Than Men?

28 Jul 2013

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I have a gazillion things on my mind lately, work-related, project-related, blog-related and other bits and bobs of things that I need to do. While I think I’m relatively safe from the FOMO syndrome (FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out) that’s been going around and have given up on trying to do too many things and being everywhere at once, I do find that my attention span is rather short lately because my day-to-day responsibilities are so fragmented. My short term memory is completely bust sometimes as I have to switch frequency several times a day. I’d be thinking of something that I want and need to do, and then something else came up in my mind and I forgot what was the thing I thought about just a few minutes before. My brain gets so fried and I end up feeling unproductive, frustrated and mentally exhausted. It’s like a dog chasing after its own tail.

So when I had a chance to interview Dr. Philip Tsang, Senior Scientist at Cerebos Pacific Ltd – the makers of Brand’s Chicken Essence, I asked him the following: Can you offer some tips on how to improve memory/concentration/focus?

His answer is:

To maintain peak cognitive performance, it is first important to have a good and healthy lifestyle that provides us with a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and exercises. This can help to maintain a healthy brain that can perform properly.

Besides, maintaining a mentally active lifestyle is important as it engages our brain to actively acquire and integrate new information from our environment. This is the principle of “use it or lose it”. As we learn, we not only increase in our knowledge, our brain is also changing its very structure and increasing its capacity to learn. Unlike the computer, the brain is constantly adapting itself. The more actively we engage our brain in various cognitive activities (e.g. being active at work, participating and socializing in leisure time), the more efficient our brain will become so that we can learn and perceive with greater precision, speed, and retention of information.

On the other hand, some environmental factors such as chronic stress have negative effects on cognitive performance and can limit the brain from functioning at its optimal condition.

Interestingly, Brand’s recently asks “Are Women Brainier Than Men?”.

A common thesis put forth is due to brain size – that because women’s brains are typically 8% smaller than the brains of men, they are considered to be innately less intelligent. Another theory espoused is that male and female brains are shaped by their respective “male” and “female” hormones – essentially, that males have generally more testosterone while females have more estrogen. These differences are therefore used to justify arguments that men have fundamentally superior brains, leading to high-achieving careers, unsurpassed achievements and success. *coffs-bullsh!t-coffs*

Who came up with these theses about the female brain being innately inferior? I definitely have never ever believed that! Not to undermine men’s abilities or anything, but my personal take is that women have to look after the family, their children, the household while keeping up with their careers too. If that isn’t mentally taxing and requires superwoman focus, then I don’t know what is. Anyway, Brand’s sought to decipher this question in a recent consumer poll conducted to investigate public attitudes towards perceptions of male and female brains in Singapore. And the results? That across the main spectrums of memory, concentration, language, creative and spatial abilities, men and women were almost equally balanced! As to why women and men behave and think so differently…. the answer apparently lies in brain’s neuroplasticity and overall fitness – or the capacity to shape the brain to optimize its cognitive performance.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog by New York Creative and Blog Award Winner Moonberry

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog by New York Creative and Blog Award Winner Moonberry

Just as Dr. Tsang answered, the more we actively engage our brain to keep it active, the more efficient our brain will become. So let’s give our brain a workout often as it will help us to retain information better and think with greater clarity, precision and speed. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re a gal or a dude, if you’re smart or you’re slow… if you train your brain, it will be in tip top shape. What we consume is also important and goes a long way in boosting brain power. Experts have discovered that eating certain foods may just boost your mind so you can outperform yourself at every juncture.

Containing a uniquely formulated essence of chicken, Brand’s has today combined a time-trusted formula with a myriad of brain-boosters such as American Ginseng, Tangkwei, Cordyceps and Lingzhi, empowering individuals to better their mental and physical well-being so they can reach their optimal performance every step of the way. The scientists at Brand’s continue to push the boundaries of scientific research and development to uncover even more benefits of Brand’s Chicken Essence – such as reducing anxiety and hypertension, helping to relieve fatigue, increasing the body’s metabolic rate and, sharpening your mental alertness and sharpness.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog by New York Creative and Blog Award Winner Moonberry

I should start taking Brand’s Chicken Essence more regularly. I quite like it actually, I find it tasty and easy to drink. It is a holistic, all-natural, ready-to-drink product that is free of fats, cholesterol and preservatives, and contains daily nutrients required for health maintenance, mental alertness and health benefits according to the body’s needs. Regular consumption of Brand’s Essence of Chicken taken over a two-week period will help to improve immunity, alleviate task-induced stress, increase metabolic rate, boost energy and increase levels of stress tolerance. I need that. I need to have the memory of an elephant! (And maybe a personal assistant soon too.) Especially now that we’re already halfway into the calendar year and my work is getting busier than ever.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog by New York Creative and Blog Award Winner Moonberry

I am a geek and I’ve said this before. Don’t believe me? Just check out the titles of the books that I read. Since its early days, I have been deeply interested in understanding internet and social media developments so I immerse myself in books in that area. I believe that no matter how old I’m, I wish to continue learning. While these books may put most people to sleep, I actually enjoy them and read every volume with eagerness.

Speaking of giving the mind a workout, I can see why Candy Crush Saga is such a wildly popular game because it really jogs the mind trying to clear all those annoying jellies and forming candy combos. I haven’t played in a couple months now ever since I got stuck at some level, maybe I ought to resume playing again. Uhm, I’m just following doctor’s advice and giving my mind some exercise time. :P


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