Chocolate & Date Olive Oil Bun from Olive and Green

11 Sep 2013

Olive and Green Organic Sprouted Buns

In an attempt to offset my binge on the giant deep fried chicken cutlet which I had last night, I had Organic Sprouted Bun from Olive and Green this morning for breakfast.

Olive and Green’s Organic Sprouted Buns are Made with their signature Hippocrates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic sprouted wheat, these buns are 100% vegan and contain more nutrients than any other type of bread currently sold in the market. No sugar have been added to the buns, and they are naturally-sweetened with organic fruits, Jordan dates & nuts.

These Organic Sprouted Buns are healthy, using organic whole grains to create sprouts before grinding them into a mash to make breads and buns out of it. The latest creations from Olive and Green are:

Chocolate & Date Olive Oil Bun
Blueberry Olive Oil Bun
Banana Olive Oil Bun
Cranberry Olive Oil Bun

Olive and Green Organic Sprouted Buns

I had the Chocolate & Date Olive Oil Bun for breakfast and it’s awesome. Naturally sweetened with sugarless chocolate and Jordan Deri dates, the delicious chocolate and date paste is tucked inside the soft bun. Totally a healthy and guilt-free experience that tastes good and satisfying. I feel much less guilty now about scarfing down that laptop-sized deep fried chicken cutlet last night. :”) Seeing how most people start their days with a slice of toast, this ain’t a bad way at all to start your mornings. The sugarless and organic ingredients are great for kids too, don’t you think?


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