Chronicles :: My Birthday (2003)

2 Apr 2013

16 Mar 2003

my birthday celebration.

the day: friday evening, march 14th

the venue: bowlmor lanes

number of games i played: a little over 2

first score: 140 points

second score: ?

third score: unfinished

slices of birthday cake i ate: 0.4

type of birthday cake: junior’s cheesecake from brooklyn

glasses of beer i drank: endless

number of apple martinis i drank: 2.2

number of shots i had: 2

types of shots: lemondrop

number of girls i kissed as a result: 2

number of tongues involved in the kisses: 2

number of times i puked: reportedly 4

number of friends who were there: 20 + 1 boyfriend

number of friends who came late: 17 including myself

number of people who saw me throw up on myself: 17 friends, 1 boyfriend and the entire fucking bowling alley

pile of trash i fell on on the way home: 1

number of cuts i discovered the next day: 1 (on my right palm)

number of tylenol i took for my hangover: 5.5

bowls of pho that cured my hangover: 1

first thing i asked when i woke up the next morning: “chit, who the hell took my pants off?”

(then i remembered my boyfriend and was relieved he was lying next to me in bed… tee hee hee.)

in summary: i fucking passed out before midnight. blacked out. totally. in public.

next year, i will not wear my fluffiest, nicest favourite coat on the celebration of my birthday.

people had to take the bowling shoes off my feet and put on my sneakers for me. yikes!

i don’t remember anything that happened ater 10 pm that evening.

for those of you who were there, i am officially collecting stories now :)

please submit your witnesses’ testimonies in the comment area.

i vow this will not happen again until next year marks the beginning of the craziest, wildest summer we’re going to have. PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!! last but not least, thank you every single one of you who were there to celebrate my birthday. i had so much fun, let’s do it again next time (minus me getting pissed-fucking-drunk, of course.) i do intend to finish my third game… *grin*.

[Ed.] I can’t decide whether I should be shuddering or laughing my ass off reading this old post. I’ve likely that I’ve gotten a very early head start in the drinking and partying department than most of you who are reading this now. I believe this was one of the last times I blacked out from being pissed-effin’-drunk. Ten years later, my birthday celebrations these days have became much much more genteel.

One very hilarious story that had to do with this eventful evening: I was throwing up in the bathroom while my friend Tina was attending to me, making sure I didn’t end up sprawled on the bathroom floor or hurt myself. As I was hurling, she passed me some paper napkins to clean myself up but instead I used it to wipe the toilet bowls. LOL, *OCD* max! In my drunken stupor, I could hear her muffled laughter because it’s always been in my nature to clean up wherever I go. Funny that even as a drunk, I was considerately cleaning up the mess I left behind. In Tina’s words: “Only you would do something like that!”. Bwahahaha. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this.


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  1. Carrie says:

    You look like you have hardly aged a day since this post circa. 2003!!!

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