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17 May 2009

There are some truly beautifully-designed stuff for cats on the market these days. I’ve found that they are better designed than the ones for dogs! :X The cat-specific furniture look sleek%r, cooler, sexier, snootier… kinda like a cat’s personality, eh? I’ve been seeing some of these cool items featured from time to time in my design/lifestyle magazines and so I am collecting them here for reference. I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! But they aren’t cheap and I’ll be super pissed if my kitty Melody doesn’t use any of these stuff after I buy them. :] Here are the stuff which I like:


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1. Cat Interiors Rondo Bed and Stand is a gorgeous addition to any room in the house. Available in felt and leather.

2. The Pod is a playfully asymmetric bed hand crafted from wool, bamboo and organic cotton.

3. Hepper’s curved bowl-like bed is aptly called the Nest Bed and I can totally see my Mel curling up inside.

4. The Sleepypod is a pet carrier which doubles as a bed. This is one fancy pet carrier, it has a separate warming pad for cold winter nights as well as an Air Mesh Hammock attachment for summer months.


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1. I fell head over heels in love when I first saw the Cocoon in a design magazine a few years back. I really wanted to get it for Mel but balked at the price tag. (I am still balking.)

2. Mel likes to hide beneath chairs and tables. I can see her chilling out underneath this Claw scratcher.

3. Sweet Lounge is a recliner and scratcher in one!

4. This Wall Flower Scratchercan be mounted on the wall if there’s limited floor space.


I am a very stingy kitty-mommy. Mel has so many toys that are still brand new, because I do not allow her to play with all of them at once. She has a short attention span, so I ration her toys. So far she has taken a consistent liking to just one item, a Red Chili Pepper toy filled with catnip from Petco. But I thought the ones below are also adorable and will go quite well as a collective food-themed toys for her.

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1. Mel pushes my face over when I’m eating a donut, so she can have her own handmade felt Catnip Donuts.

2. One unconscious fish, a bottle of milk and a little red birdie make up this Kitty Grocery Pack.

3. This life-sized Plush Bird is more than a toy, it’s a decoration item which I’d love to have for myself.

4. Sushi Handroll. Super cute! But of course, do not serve with wasabi.

5. Mel luuurrrrvvvsss whipped cream. She really has a sweet tooth, this one! I thought this colorful Keylime Pie will be fun for her.

6. Matatabi is the Japanese word for catnip and these are Organic Matatabi Logs imported from Japan.

7. I know these Kitty Boomerangs are going to send Mel into a bunnykicking frenzy! 8. I read online that fresh catnip repels mosquitoes and roaches, so at some point I want to try growing my own catnip using this Kitty’s Garden Edible Grass Kit.


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1. I think I’m going to upgrade Mel’s porcelain bowls to this Wood Feeder soon. She’s a messy eater, so maybe this will help her eat in a more ladylike fashion?

2. How mod is this pair of Twin Feeding Bowls? So Cute.

3. Moldable plastic Litter Pod with faux wood finish.

4. Velvet Flower Harness meant for little pups but who says it doesn’t look cute on a cat too?

With that, I now leave you with a photo of my furdoll who wants to know…..

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