Do Men Need To Moisturize Their Faces Too?

25 Mar 2012

How many guys you know have rows and rows of bottles and jars of skincare products in their bathrooms, like us gals? Most of the guys I know barely moisturize their faces *gasp* and they don’t put on sunscreen either. Cologne, yes. Deodorant, sure. But for some reason, it seems to me that guys don’t really bother taking care of their faces so much (please pardon the generalization; I do happen to know a handful of metrosexual buddies whose bathroom cabinets are well-stocked with impressive skincare products — too impressive, in fact).

So to answer the question: Do men need to moisturize their faces too?


Even though guys aren’t automatically inclined to look after their appearance beyond basic grooming, skin is still skin and it can certainly benefit from moisturisation as well as sun protection regardless. Unless the objective is to have leathery, sun-dried complexion. :x

I understand that low-maintenance and fuss-free would probably be what most guys are seeking when it comes to their basic skin care products. And maybe something that doesn’t smell too floral-y. I received a sample from Cetaphil recently which I think will be ideal for guys to use (even though it’s good for everyone and all skin types). The Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15.

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The Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is a light, non-greasy moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates your skin. It restores and improves your skin’s ability to retain vital moisture. It is suitable for all skin types, it is non-comedogenic and it is fragrance free. :)

This is perfect for guys who want to take care of their face minimally and in a fuss-free manner. You just need to apply a little amount, slap it on your face (it absorbs very quickly) and you’re covered for a good part of the day: well-moisturized and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Please excuse me while I go off now to drool at the male celebs whom I find soooooooooo sexy.

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You see, someone asked me a few months back, say if I am to be stranded at Shag Island for the rest of my life and get to pick three individuals whom I can bring with me, who would they be? This is of course not limited to the opposite gender or celebrity; but since Shag Island is an imaginary island it doesn’t hurt to exercise some imagination, eh? }:P

After thinking about this for a bit, I “narrowed” it down to the list above. And even so, I have a hard time picking just three out of the nine, so me being greedy, I have listed them all in order of rotation preference. :P First three in top row for the first four months, then substitute for middle row three for another four months, and lastly, bottom row three for the last four months of the year. Use and abuse all year round, hahahaha – just kidding, just kidding.

The irony is, if you’ve been observant, all of my imaginary boy-toys above have the five o’clock shadow or some form of facial hair – which visually I find irresistibly sexy since it makes them look so bad-ass (you know how I get when it comes to my tragic heroes). But in real life I absolutely *cannot stand* kissing or making out with stubbly guys. I find the facial hair very….. distracting and uhm, annoying. I still like my man in real life to be clean-shaven and have smooth skin on his face whenever I’m touching and kissing him.

Therefore, after my big loopy tangent, this brings me back to my point that: GUYS NEED TO MOISTURIZE THEIR FACES AND KEEP IT SMOOTH.

In more ways than one, heh. ;)

Question for readers: Shag Island. You + 3 individuals. Tell me who your 3 choices will be! :p

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