Good Morning Towels

11 Feb 2011

“Good Morning” towels – what else can you call them by? – are so retro! Whenever I see these, I immediately think of my grandfather who used to have one hanging by the sink. He used the towel to wash his face with every morning after brushing his teeth. My grandparents looked after me full-time from 0 to 4 years old, so the graphic on this towel is probably one of the very first designs I ever saw as a tiny tot. *Nostalgic* Also very likely the first English and Chinese words which I recognized and learned how to read. :p

I’m psyched to discover that these towels are still in production today and they can be purchased very cheaply at a neighborhood mom-and-pop shop (in Singapore, Hong Kong and China as far as I know). I couldn’t resist and bought some recently. I know that the simple greeting makes me smile at the start of my day, particularly because these towels are associated with happy memories of my childhood. I took the photo above [view large here] and then combed the internet hoping to find more images taken by others. Turned out that there are also some clever folks out there who have already applied the bilingual typographic mark to other products. It’s about time!!! I like! :)

1. Purse, 2. Mug, 3. Plain towels, 4. Bucket Hat, 5. Towel Hat (via), 6. Tissue Box Holder




By the way, if you look closely enough, there are subtle variations on these towels. Namely the single Chinese character in the middle (flanked by the double ferns) and the numbers below it. Not sure what this is supposed to mean, I can only guess that maybe the number stands for the production year or something.

Go get some of these retro towels and brighten your morning! 祝君早安~ ^^

Peace out. *xoxo*


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