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20 Jul 2012

Green Beauty | The Moonberry Blog

One of the visible side effects that I have noticed resulting from my recent stress bout is dull skin. As a believer of how diet and lifestyle affect overall well-being and condition of skin, decisive actions such as sleeping earlier, getting adequate rest, exercising and being more physically active, eating a well-balanced diet and letting go of worries can contribute positively to overall well-being. I also think that replenishing essential nutrients to complete daily health and beauty regime through detoxification is an effective remedy.

Recently I tried out AFC Green Beauty, which is a supplementary juice. Superior to other green juice products, AFC Green Beauty’s 100% natural blend of Organic Barley Grass, Kale, Shizuoka Green Tea and Hydrolyzed Micro Collagen works from the inside to detox and nourish your body and skin. It is the only Green Juice formula enhanced with 2500mg Micro-Collagen peptides, for renewed body and glowing skin. So not only does this product help to detox, it also provides a collagen boost.

Green in the new beauty!

Blemished, lacklusture, aging, rough and sallow complexions are often the results of unhealthy living habits. *raising hand sheepishly* Toxins are accumulated in our body from the food we eat, pollutants from the air, together with UV exposure, lack of exercise, stress and insufficient sleep, our body is constantly challenged to re-balance itself in order to maintain a healthy, youthful state. Good detoxification restores glow and radiance to your skin and revitalizes the body. AFC Green Beauty boosts your body’s daily cleansing by enhancing the body’s natural detoxifying process, clear unwanted wastes and supply essential nutrients back to your skin for the perfect complexion.

Rid Your Daily Toxins for Clearer Skin with the help of AFC Green Beauty

Singapore's Top Celebrity Blogger | AFC Green Beauty

AFC Green Beauty’s unique dual step formula – Detox and Nourish

  • Enhances the body’s natural detoxifying process to rid body’s accumulated toxins and waste
  • Cleanses and alkalinizes the body naturally to restore body’s healthy pH balance
  • A cleansed body is then able to absorb nutrients and Micro-Collagen peptides effectively for optimal cell and skin rejuvenation
  • Supply essential nutrients back to your skin for better skin health
  • Protection from free radicals and anti-aging effects
  • Micro-sized collagen 1/60 the size of normal collagen molecules for effective absorption by the skin and body
  • Unlike other regular green juice products, AFC Green Beauty employs unique ultrafine blending method in Japan to ensure better solubility and absorption, retaining the most nutrients while enhancing texture and taste

Green Beauty | The Moonberry Blog

AFC Green Beauty comes in convenient sachets that can be readily consumed anytime. It tastes just like green tea actually and can be dissolved in water or added to milk, soy milk, yogurt, or mixed into cereal or jelly. Recommended twice daily: in the morning to kickstart the day, and before bedtime to work in synergy with the body’s natural skin repair and renewal process.

Green Beauty | The Moonberry Blog

I can positively attest to AFC Green Beauty’s detoxifying properties by sharing that it de-constipated me on the day I had my first glass. :P This green juice contains 5x more beta-carotene than tomatoes, 8x more fiber than celery and 20x more iron than prunes. Shown above mixed in milk and dissolved in water, both are equally delicious to me. (I sometimes also add a spoonful of Chia seeds, which is a superfood containing an astounding high amount of Omega-3).

I highly recommend AFC Green Beauty as it is all natural, free from preservatives and coloring. It is exclusively available at Watsons, SG$64.90 per box of 30 sachets. Or you can buy online at SGD58.78. I want to get my mom to start drinking this too the next time she comes visit me.

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