Holographic Iridescent Trend

18 Dec 2013

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The holographic / iridescent fashion trend is gorgeous. I love iridescence… it’s so magical. A burst of über cool prismatic colors that optically shift colors depending on angle viewed, iridescence is bold, vibrant, it’s crazy alluring. Even before this trend arrives to the scene, we’ve all been mesmerized by this lustrous iridescent palette found in nature. Dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, insect bodies, rock crystals and of course, the rainbow. And the shimmering beauty just draws us in, draws us in, holding us captive.

I find that the best way to wear holographic / iridescent trend is against solid colors (black or white) as it allows the rainbow colors to completely shine through. Alternatively, a deep indigo and rich blue makes for a good canvas to offset the iridescent colors too. There’s a magical quality in iridescence, it’s futuristic and sci-fi-ish.

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