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4 Feb 2013

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I’m always so happy to discover new online stores in Singapore, because 1. I’m big on shopping online and 2. I like that I have access to merchandise that’s not always available in retail stores. So when I found out about online lingerie boutique Perk by Kate, I was rather intrigued by the beautiful collection of lingerie and nightwear that the store carries. The only thing that made me hesitate was the type of bras sold on the site, which is primarily bralettes. I wasn’t sure whether it was something I would or could wear.

When it comes to bras, I generally lean towards the non-underwire kind because I find the underwire doesn’t feel very comfortable against my (semi-protruding?) ribcage. Also I don’t like too much padding coz it looks too puffy and unnatural beneath clothes. These two factors alone don’t leave me with a lot of choices as most bras on the market have underwire support as well as thick padding. Tsk. :[

When I came across Perk by Kate, I was immediately attracted to the idea of bralettes. I could already tell bralettes must be so damn comfortable to wear. BUT! I was really worried about adequate coverage and support. From what I know, bralettes are usually thin. They are a bit like newbie training bras and it would look quite vulgar if the nipple outlines can be seen beneath clothes. And again because they are thin and non-underwired, how are they going to provide support and lift ne?

Singapore Best Design Fashion Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Perk by Kate

And then I tried on the India Lace Bralette by Eberjey, one of the brands that’s stocked at Perk by Kate. Just based on looks, it is beautiful, lacey, feminine, a neutral skin-tone color. After I put them on, I realized all my initial reservations were unnecessary because this bralette is so well-designed. Coverage? Check. Support? Check. Sexiness factor? Off the charts yo.


This bralette is lined for coverage and extra softness against your skin, and features strategically sexy seaming. The scalloped lace trim is super feminine, I love it!

I was initially still cautious about the nipple outline thingie, but after wearing this bralette underneath t-shirts, solid color dresses and a mix of other outfits of different materials (tight, clingy, loose, stretchy, etc), this bralette truly exceeded my expectations. The softly-lined cups prevented any vulgar exposures.

The support this bralette gives is surprisingly good also. Not the exaggerated kind like a push-up bra, but a natural lift.

Singapore Best Design Fashion Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Perk by Kate

This is made possible by a subtle ruching along the underseam, again very smart design. So visually it’s an aesthetic feature, but it functions to give the boobs a gentle lift also. Nicely done.

In conclusion, I AM A CONVERT! I really love this bralette – India Lace Bralette by Eberjey (S$49.00) – and it’s so perfect for newbies who are curious to try out bralettes for the first time.

♬ “Like a virgin…. touched for the very first time. Ouuwww!” ♪ ♫

}:P Seriously, this bralette is sooooooo soft and comfortable, I have been wearing it daily and totally loving it. There is a tiny annoyance for me though, that is the thin spaghetti straps which for some reason, one side – on my right shoulder – keeps getting twisted. I blame it on my slouch! Or maybe I haven’t adjusted the length of that side properly. This doesn’t happen on my left shoulder though. I don’t know what’s up with my posture or the right-side strap. If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I think it’s the way my right shoulder is sloping, it’s visibly lower than my left shoulder (note to self: stop carrying heavy bags).

Anyway this strap thing is a small issue. I am loving the bralette either way and eager to get other bralette styles from Perk by Kate! Shopping for lingerie online may be scary for many people, because you can’t try them on for size. Fortunately, the website has great return, exchange, refund policies. I personally appreciate that very much, especially because I am still spoiled by the USA’s 30-day no-questions-asked, return, exchange, refund, 100% money back policy). It’s a simple gesture that’s very reassuring for me particularly when it comes to online shopping, you know? Shop with confidence!

Verdict: Looking for really sexy yet ultra comfortable bras? Look no further than the bralettes at Perk by Kate. I highly, highly recommend and I wanna buy more different styles from the website. *WOOTZ*


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  1. Jes says:

    What a dream, they look so comfortable and so pretty.