Infinity Dress (Part 2)

25 May 2011

There’s been tremendous interest in my original post on the Infinity Dress, so I decided to write a follow-up entry. If you’re still looking to get one, these online stores have them for sale in a variety of colors.


Multiple ways to wear dress
Zoza Designs

The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog
Tart Collection Infinity Dress


It does take a bit of figuring out on how to wear this dress for the first time and naturally, because of its infinite potential, we want to learn as many different ways to wear it as possible. Can’t go wrong with learning by watching so here are some instructional videos on how to wear the infinity dress:

Convertible Dresses Instructional Video Series

Zoza Designs Infinity Dress – Ways to Wear Video Part 1

Zoza Designs Infinity Dress – Ways to Wear Video Part 2


Here are more pictures to show you even more ways of wearing an infinity dress. Yes, some may be duplicates but you may spot one or two styles not included in the other images you’ve already seen. I like how the dress can be worn as a skirt (with a separate blouse/top) or as a top (with leggings or shorts underneath). Get creative! :D

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The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

If you are still on the fence on getting this dress, I say just go for it already. It is definitely a good investment! :) Here’s a tip: If you’re getting married, consider getting the infinity dress for your bridesmaids. I think it makes a good bridesmaid’s dress because after the event, your bridesmaids can wear the dress again and again in different styles. How cool is that?

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out my original post on the Infinity Dress. Again. ;p

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One Response to Infinity Dress (Part 2)

  1. Valerie says:

    Love your blog, came across it while admiring your nails! :) Convertible dresses are still in the rage now, do check out our online store which offers over 30 colours, custom style, reversible style, duo tone styles etc.!
    Perhaps you can come out with Infinity Dress Part 3! I’d be happy to send you a piece! :)