Johnny Hi-Fi :: Lovesong On The Radio

15 Dec 2011

here comes a love song on the radio
reminds me the way it was before
here comes a sad song on the radio
whatever it was, it was my fault

i don’t miss you at all
i don’t want you to call
i’m doing fine
i’m not alone
i’ll be okay
i’ll see you someday
and when the day comes you’ll wake me again

i don’t miss you at all when you’re not at home
you look just fine cause you’re not alone
lie in your bed
he’s ready to take my place
instead don’t wake me today

i’d cry if i care
i’d try if i dare
i might if i dreamed that you want me back again
i’d run if i can
i’m making amends
i could if i change to make you say that you want me back again

Lovesong on the Radio
Johnny Hi-Fi

Doing just fine. Just fine.

I hope that the stars are twinkling in your hands and that you are living your brightest dream.

I’ll see you someday.

♫ Soundtrack of My Life

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