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16 Aug 2012

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle eyebrow embroidery… ahhh. I recently booked myself an appointment to get semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery (aka Erabrow) at the award-winning Erabelle, because not long ago I was very happy and impressed by the eyebrow redesign I got there. I was most impressed by the exceptional service at Erabelle and enjoyed the ambiance of the space, I knew that Erabelle is the right place for me to get my eyebrow embroidery redone. Not to mention that their eyebrow embroidery service is also priced reasonably. Come, let me walk you through my latest experience there.


Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle can be found in several locations in Singapore; the one I went to is situated at Penang Road (in Orchard). It is a very central location that’s easily accessible by public transportation or private vehicle (there’s a public car park right across the street), yet this particular store itself is nestled in a quiet corner adjoining an open-air garden at the side. I find it perfect to spend a relaxing afternoon here, away from the hustle bustle of downtown Orchard.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

The interior space of Erabelle reflects the branding design, integrating feminine elements of Victorian motifs, playful textures and patterns, with calming Japanese aesthetics. These two differing styles actually work together very beautifully and combined they give off a warm, cozy and elegant vibe.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

It’s a sensory treat to be at Erabelle and hailing from the land where the standards of customer service are legendary, the timeless icon of a kimono-clad ladies has come to represent Erabelle and customers can expect a service experience characterized by warm hospitality, dedication and commitment.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Kimono-wearing Bernice, master artist at Erabelle, first analyzed my face shape and features before customizing a look that brings out my best features. She scrutinized my features and facial proportions so that she could recommend the idea eyebrow shape to attain facial harmony.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Obviously not everyone has the same face shape and there’s no one brow design fits all. This is where you need a skilled eyebrow master artist because the degree of arch, the length, the thickness of your eyebrows need to be carefully crafted before they get inked semi-permanently. For me, I have oval-shaped face and so an overly high arch made me look witchy, hence a gentler curve would be more suitable and made me look more girlish. *blush* Hahaha.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

There’s leftover pigment from the place where I got my eyebrows embroidered at last time so Bernice attempted to correct the overly-high arch which, it turned out, was much more evident on the right brow. Balancing both brows, softening the arch and ‘erasing’ the leftover pigment would be a challenge for novices but definitely not Bernice! I was so glad I made the appointment with her because she is very skillful and experienced.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

Once I was pleased and agreeable with the customized design that Bernice had suggested, she put on numbing cream onto my brows as well as applied a patch test (the dab of ink on my neck as you can see in the image above) to test for possible allergies.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Speaking of ink, all colors and equipment used at Erabelle are of the highest safety standards in line with the European Cosmetic Directive and/or approved by FDA (Germany), where standards and technology are known to be top-notch. Bernice would be applying two different shades of brown for my eyebrow embroidery process in order to match and blend the new design with leftover from my previous one.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

I passed the allergy test, all was normal. So the numbing cream was wiped off from my eyebrows and Bernice proceeded with the Erabelle eyebrow embroidery (aka Erabrow). I’m sure the first thing everyone wants to know is whether this hurts and if so, how painful is it?

Using specialized Softstroke technique and Erabelle’s Micropen, colours were applied just below the epidermis of skin to simulate the look of perfectly-drawn eyebrows and effects will last 2-3 years. This technique was very different than the previous experience I had elsewhere (at the time they used a small X-acto blade to embed the ink into the skin by making small shallow cuts).

Erabelle’s Softstroke technique did not puncture or cut the skin, so as far as pain was concerned, there was ZERO PAIN. Bernice asked me if I felt okay and I replied, “Huh, you’ve started already?!? I thought you’re using an eyebrow brush to comb my eyebrows!”. That was how painless it was!!! I felt like my eyebrows were being brushed.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

The entire procedure was so comfortable I stole a quick nap while Bernice did her magic on my eyebrows. This procedure took about approximately 30-mins or so, I think. Even though during the process itself, the ink appeared severe, harsh and very dark on my skin, you’ll be surprised that the final result was totally not like that at all.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

My eyebrow embroidery is completed! Bernice pointing out to me the new shape of my eyebrows while I observed in glee.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Taking a closer look at the finished result. LOL at my facial expression here,  I was trying to suppress my inner somersault of joy. Hahahaha.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

So here’s the BEFORE and AFTER. Before, my eyebrows looked thin, sparse and shape was a tad funky. After, arch got softened, overall eyebrows got thickened with corrected shape and look gentler, framing my face better. I had zero makeup on that day but as you can see, just the adjustment of my eyebrows shape, thickness and color alone had the effect of perking my face up. I looked much more ‘put together’ and less bummy. Facial harmony I guess. Heh!

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

Closeup view and comparison of the shape correction. Notice in the middle picture during the redesign/restyling, the right brow was still showing the high arch that was leftover from before, and Bernice carefully corrected that for me. The color looks quite natural too, right? :)

Btw, congrats to all the 5 winners who have won the Erabelle Eyebrow Pencil in my previous giveaway in conjunction with Vanity Trove. I’m always happy to be giving away freebies, sharing is caring so the more the merrier. ^^ The eyebrow pencil is a great tool if you are not ready to go for a semipermanent design just yet.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Now that my eyebrow embroidery at Erabelle was completed, I was sent home with Erabelle’s Aftercare Cream which contains UV protection, restores skin’s moisture balance and has PH normalizing properties. These promote natural healing and preserve the quality and appearance of the colours. For the first 24 hours, it’s not advisable for the eyebrows to come in contact with water. Aftercare Cream should also be applied twice a day; basically it’s to keep the freshly embroidered eyebrows moist so that there won’t be any uneven scabbing. Subsequent touch-up session is scheduled to take place anytime between four to six weeks after.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

A quick snap shot of Bernice and I, against an Erabelle poster featuring Kazumi, my friend who modeled for all their ads.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle

Thank you very much, Bernice ~ You’re the BEST!!! I couldn’t help but noticed how everyone who works at Erabelle has beautiful eyebrows. And it’s true, there is no such thing as one-design-fits-all. Everyone’s eyebrows at Erabelle looked beautiful and elegant, framing each individual face nicely and very pleasant to look at.

Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Just for kicks, I am also including this dyptic of a side-by-side comparison of my eyebrow embroidery result from 2010 done elsewhere and 2012 done at Erabelle — to give myself a visual reference of the difference. You know, I’ve had about a dozen total of friends and family who went to the old place I did my eyebrow embroidery after they read about my experience. I feel that Erabelle is better and they’ve won so many industry awards as a testimony to their outstanding services, I am totally gonna recommend Erabelle to everyone now.

Exclusive Discount for Moonberry Blog Readers

Receive 10% discount in eyebrow services when you mention/quote “MOONBERRY” and show a screenshot of this blog post.

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

The eyebrow services at Erabelle are priced as follows:

Erabrow Design SGD29.00
Faceshape and eyebrow analysis, tweeze, trim and design

Erabrow  SGD780.00 *UPDATED 1 January 2013*
Erabrow Design
Semi-permanent colouring services x 3 (lasts about 2 years)
Aftercare Cream
Additional surcharge of SGD214.00 per package applies for Master Artists request

When you go for the semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery service, design is complementary. I forgot to mention this the last time because I didn’t read the fine print, but there is an additional rate of $214 for master artist requests when it comes to semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery services. Just so you know and don’t get shocked when you happen to request Bernice who is a master artist. Either way though, however you add it up with or without the $214, eyebrow services FOR VIRGIN EYEBROWS at Erabelle are still way way waaaayyyyyy more affordable than the last place I went to (I paid well over 4-figure sum there, eeps).

Important to note: You will need to disclose to Erabelle staff prior to making an appointment about your current eyebrow conditions, whether you’ve had them done elsewhere before or not, and whether it’s already faded etc. Color and shape correction will need to be determined by the Erabelle staff and they will advice you accordingly on the price of service. But trust me, you will not be disappointed with the service at Erabelle. :)

If this post has piqued your interest, please read my updated blog article on Erabelle Erabrowlogy (with exclusive discount code that I hope you will take advantage of).

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle Prestige Map | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle Prestige
103 Penang Road #01-06 to 11
Visioncrest Commercial
Singapore 238467
Tel: (+65) 6836 8388
Hours: Monday to Sunday  11.00am – 9.30pm

Official website to find out more about Erabelle eyebrow embroidery and other services (the website is super cute!).

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40 Responses to My Pretty Eyebrows from Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery

  1. germaine says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m so never going back to That Other Place again!

  2. I should have waited for you to do your brows and the giveaway before I go and do mine! Hehe… Just kidding! Anyway, it’s looking good! :)

  3. elaine73 says:

    U LOOK GREAT DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Samantha Wong says:

    I hope to win this!

    Samantha Wong

  6. Val says:

    U have motivated me to give this a try! Result is outstanding !

  7. Val says:

    Got my done this afternoon at bugis by bernice …showed her your blog too… she was delighted and yes.. service is good .totally painless….

  8. Limin Wu says:

    The semi permanent eyebrows designed by Erabelle looks natural on you.

    Hope to win the voucher!

  9. Josephine says:

    I walk past Erabelle with their eyebrow/face shape poster all the time, always wondering if they are any good. You confirmed it for me. Thx!

  10. Cheryl says:

    I LIKE!

    Maybe I’ll have a chance to try it too, fingerscrossed.

  11. Casey says:

    I have always wanted to try but obviously not daring enough.
    Have heard horror stories on ‘harsh looking brows’ and painful process. Your entry is very reassuring!!

    Hope i get to win the voucher and try!

    P.S: Great blog by the way. Am new to your blog.

    • MB says:

      Welcome, welcome and thank u for leaving a comment. Erabelle is great. One reader went to get already after reading this blog post. ^^

  12. Jaschocolate says:

    Look very natural.. :)

  13. Susan says:

    I’ve been doing my brows with Erabelle for years but sadly I find that the colors are not as lasting anymore. I have made requests to touch up on the past few occasions when I did my brows, but they only last for 6 months max. Definitely not 2-3 years as they claim. Because of this, I find that the service no longer justifies the price and have been advising my friends from doing it unless they are prepared o do touch up often.

    • MB says:

      Oh no. :( that sucks and I’m sorry to hear. How many years have you been going to Erabelle and getting touchups/re-touchups? I’m guessing that perhaps your skin isn’t letting the ink stick to it anymore or something. Then how? Have you found an alternate place or other options for this? :o

    • MB says:

      Hi Susan,

      I received clarification from Erabelle about this matter:

      Basically for our eyebrows, by lasting 2-3years, we mean that with the Erabrow premium package of 3 colour services, the colours will last customers 2-3years. For Erabrow package, it consists of 2 colour services and the colours tend to last customers for 1-2 years.

      However we cannot expect the intensity of colours to remain the same throughout the 2-3 years, as colours will naturally fade as our skin sheds. The speed at which colour fades is dependent on a few factors for e.g our skin type (oily skin tend to shed the colour faster than dry skin), use of other products (eg. some customers use toner or skincare with AHA exfoliating agents and that will speed up the colour fading).

      The theory works the same way like that of hair colour. Different hair texture and hair care use will affect the speed at which hair colour gets washed out. Last but not least, the intensity of colour done at the point in time also counts. If customer can take a darker tone for the first week, colour will stay longer than if they only want a mild natural tone at the first instance.

      Do feel free to approach us if you need more info. :)


      The above is a reply from Erabelle’s Marketing Manager and I hope you find the information useful for your reference. :D

  14. Connie says:

    I need this so bad! I have stencilled, dark looking
    Brows from
    Previous saloon and has been wanting to get rid of it. However, I can’t seem I trust any
    Other saloons. Yours seems perfect! As a mother of 3, I hardly have time
    For make up in the morning. Really hope to regain back my “youthful” look. Yes, overt arched brows does makes you aged 10 years!

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  16. Linda says:

    Giveaway’s over!!! Wished I found your blog earlier :-( Your brows are beautiful and natural. How long did your colour last? I’m considering Erabelle but I find them a little ex. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your experience.

    • MB says:

      Hi Linda… thank you so much for your comment. The color of my brows is still looking good so far but I’m due for a touchup again sometime next month. I think Erabelle prices are relatively much more affordable than Browhaus, I have been to both and I personally enjoyed my experience at Erabelle a lot more. I genuinely highly recommend them if you’re still considering Erabelle. :)

      • Linda says:

        Hi MB!

        I went for my 1st visit on 20 Dec 2012. Bernice was on long medical leave thus mine was done by another master artist, Daphne.

        I’m very pleased with my new brows and I’d totally enjoyed my experience at Erabelle. I’d just went back for a brow check and touch-up which was inclusive in the package. Now, I’m ready for Chinese New Year! :-)

        Thanks for sharing again.

        • MB says:

          Hi Linda! I am so happy that you went to get your eyebrow embroidery at Erabelle and you’re happy with the results. I need to go get mine touched up soon too, I suppose… but probably will wait until after CNY when they are less busy. I heard about Bernice being on an extended medical leave too, I hope she’s alright. :( I guess I will make an appointment with Daphne when I go.

          Anyhoo, thanks so much for sharing. It makes me really happy to know that you like your eyebrow embroidery from Erabelle. YAYZ!!!


  17. Leanne says:

    Hi MB, read your reviews on Erabelle, really liked what i read and i called them up but the pricing seemed to have change compared to the prices stated on your article. By any chance, will there be a special price if i mention you are the one doing the recommendation? I was quoted the price of sgd 1166.30 for 3 times as the staff said that 2 times are no longer available.

  18. Evonne says:

    you look gooooood dear!! : D

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  21. Mabel says:

    Was so inspired by your new brows that I called Erabelle but they told me Bernice has left Erabelle already…

    • MB says:

      Yeah, Bernice is on extended medical leave. You can look for the other master artists, such as Daphne (who did eyebrow embroidery for my mom and she loved it) and Cecilia (who recently did my touch-up at Vivo). Enjoy! Quote my blog for discount. *xo*

  22. Joz says:

    Happened to chance upon this blog & saw my friend Bernice in your photos! No nooooo, Bernice is not on medical leave at all! She has left Erabelle and enjoying her break :)

    • MB says:

      Thank you for your comment. Pls send my warmest hello to Bernice for me. She’s fantastic and I wish her all the best. :)

  23. Joz says:

    Yes she is! Will pass on your regards to her :)

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