7 Dec 2010

The Moonberry Blog

The end of the year is fast approaching. In the midst of all the (usual) business, make time. Time for contemplation. Time to reflect on all that have happened throughout the year. Time to genuinely appreciate all the blessings which have been gifted. Time to celebrate having survived yet one more year, relatively unscathed. Time to forgive self for any misgivings (and for setting such a high bar; but refuse to lower it next year). Time to get over the could-haves/should-haves/would-haves. Time to let go of all the anger which one’s been carrying all year (easier said than done, naturally). Time to take stock of what is going on in one’s life and treat self to positive glimpses of the future. Time to indulge in one’s dreams and permit self to lift both feet off the ground for just a teeny bit. Give self some slack and learn how to roll with it. Remind self that next year is gonna be even more kick-ass. Enjoy the magic and just breathe. Breathe.

And Buddha said,
“This land is mine, these sons are mine”
– such are the words of the fool
who does not understand that even he is not his.

You never really possess things.
You merely hold them for a while.
If you are unable to give them away,
you are held by them.

Whatever you treasure must be held
in the hollow of your hand as water is held.
Clutch at it and it is gone.

Appropriate it to yourself and you soil it.
Set it free and it is forever yours.

Anthony de Mello, S.J. 1996

Worried about getting older? Nah. You’re actually growing wiser and more importantly, happier. :*)

Peace out.


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