Safari Theme Birthday Party

23 Dec 2010

This post is long overdue (seriously WAY overdue) and if I don’t get around to writing this soon, before you know it the birthday boy will be like, graduating high school already…. j/k. ;p This was a first time for me as event designer and party planner for others (themed-parties hosted at mi casa didn’t count). Previously I had done exclusively weddings, so planning for a kid’s party was different. Definitely fun-ner in comparison and there’s no bridezillas to deal with. My proposed theme for this birthday party was Safari, and the occassion celebrates birthday boy Enzo turning the grand ripe age of ONE (oooohhhh, this is definitely a super big deal. A major milestone!)

Design idea board I put together to convey the theme visually. From custom invitations to decor to menu to dress code to party games, every detail was considered very carefully by me in preparation for this event. (Uhm, how did the pig and sheep manage to slip into this board!? Ignore the darn farm animals. Fakers! Wannabes!)

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Final printed invitation.

Birthday boy Enzo marking his stamp of approval of the design, by chewing on the invitation. :p

The homemade birthday cake and cupcakes decorated with fondant.

Chocolate fondue fountain at the birthday party. Safari hats were given out as party favors.

Leopard-print outfits (see design idea board). Plastic binoculars were also given out as party favors.

MORE party favors with custom-designed stickers and Thank You tags.

Detail of custom Thank You tags.

So there you have it, a Safari-themed birthday party. Do you like it?

I’ll write about the 2nd birthday party as soon as I can!

Peace out, *xoxo*


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