Serena Mitnik Miller

31 Aug 2011

I’m nearing the end of my watercolor class and I must admit the last two sessions had been brutal for me. I’m pretty much dragging my feet to class these days. I dunno how I got there, but I definitely got stuck. How do I say this? Let’s say the medium kicked my ass and I was having technical difficulty producing or creating what I want. What I painted on paper was either too pigmented or too faint, too wet or too dry. :( All in all, I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ggrrr*

And then of course, bad feelings naturally surfaced within me. The demon reared its head and next thing I knew, I wanted to gag whenever I looked at my half-finished paintings. Sigh. Welcome to my world of creative blockage. I have successfully managed to imprison myself mentally and I know I must break free of this shit before it manifests into permanent negative vibes.

Anyhoo I wasn’t deliberately searching for answers or anything, but as luck would have it I stumbled upon this watercolor artist by accident and I just have to share this delightful discovery on my blog.

The Moonberry Blog

Serena Mitnik Miller is an artist living and working in San Francisco. I love how her paintings are made up of simple elements and basic shapes. True to medium, the colors come alive via delicate layers and controlled application.

The Moonberry Blog

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Serena Mitnik Miller

The Moonberry Blog

Frankly I think this basic elemental approach will work out better for me and I really should lay off trying to paint realistic flowers, fruits or whatnot. Realistic renditions have never been my game (never have, never will) and there is no way I will be able to paint a pretty banana ever. Abstract graphic shapes and typography, now THAT is my game. (Yes, yes, I’m the one art student who can’t draw realistically to save her own life – but I’ve never been ashamed of it.)

Taking the cue from Serena Mitnik Miller‘s work, I probably should go back to the drawing table and start all over again from the basics, like making the paintbrushes my friend and not feel intimidated by pigmentation. Befriend and own the medium! Most importantly, I need to rid my head of expectations – I think that’s how I got tripped. Ah well, cést la vie. :]

The Moonberry Blog

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