SG50 Goes To New York City!

28 Aug 2015


New York City will play host to Singapore Golden Jubilee Celebrations from September 12th to 27th! I have not written anything about SG50, the year-round celebration marking Singapore’s 50th year of independence, on this blog. The actual day itself, August 9th, has came and gone; I spent it with champagne and fireworks viewed from at a penthouse party, relatively eventful I guess considering I was planning to spend it holing up at home (what’s new).

The celebration continues and keep reading for the festivities to look out for this September in The Big Apple.

“Singapore Art & Feast” celebration (Sept 20-27) at Bergdorf Goodman – a special window display featuring Singaporean photographer John Clang, a 16-page Singaporean inspired fashion spread in the September issue of Bergdorf Goodman magazine, and a Singaporean fare at the BG Restaurant.

“Something to Write Home About” (Sept 12-22) – a 10-day art event in New York City led by US-based Singaporeans showcasing short films, visual arts and theatre.

Singapore Restaurant Week (Sept 18-27) will see 20 of New York’s top restaurants create Singaporean inspired dishes and cocktails, as well as legendary hawker pop-ups serving street style food.

Shake Shack Hearts Singapore (Sept 24-27) – VIP private reception for the finale SG50 event in NYC will feature the first-ever Singaporean-inspired burger at Shake Shack. Special Singaporean custard to be available for all New Yorkers starting Sept 24th.

Zouk Singapore presents Lincey at LAVO (Sept 26) – Guest DJ Lincey from one of Singapore’s most iconic nightclubs Zouk to host a night at LAVO Italian Restaurant & Nightclub New York. Located at 39 East 58th Street at 11PM.

Are you reading what I’m reading? I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t think it’ll be exciting. SINGAPORE RESTAURANT WEEK! *gasps* Hosted by The Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Restaurant Week in New York City will feature a number of phenomenal culinary offerings at restaurants all over the city, including Market Table, Red Farm, DB Bistro, Chomp Chomp, The Meatball Shop (one of my fave NYC eats), and several others. That same week, the Ilili Box shipping container in Flatiron Square will also be transformed into a pop-up hawker stall featuring a number of Singaporean menu items from visiting ambassador chefs.

And then there’s the Singaporean-inspired burger at Shake Shack *double gasps*. Special Singaporean Custard *triple gasps*. What’s the Singaporean-inspired burger gonna be? Hainanese Chicken Rice Burger? Curry Chicken Burger? NYC food scene is presently on a huge chicken burger/chicken sandwich trend, hence I’m guessing the Singaporean-inspired Shake Shack burger will be a chicken variety. Special Singaporean Custard will be what… chendol, maybe? Someone please let me know in late September.

If you’re to create a Singaporean-inspired  burger and frozen custard dessert, what will you make? Refer to the representative SG food pictorial below for ideas.


Even though I have the glorious total of just two Singaporean friends residing in New York, I am sure my other friends there will be psyched by all these events. I dunno about the clubbing, but I know that all you Moonberry blog readers are into the food and art scene so this series of events is totally going to be awesome. You’re welcome.

To culminate the celebrations, Madison Square Park will be holding the finale SG50 event from September 23-27th with an international traveling creative showcase,  Singapore: Inside Out, featuring a collection of multi-sensorial experiences designed by Singapore’s contemporary creative talents. New Yorkers will experience a glimpse of Singapore’s vision for the next 50 years as the creative industries take a stronger hold. My pal’s fashion label, Stolen, of which I’m a big fan, is part of this traveling creative showcase and I am mega happy that New Yorkers will get to see her gorgeous fashion line.

I once dreamt that there’s a futuristic high-speed capsule train that transports me from Singapore to downtown Manhattan. The exact train station in my dream is the R subway at corner of Prince Street and Broadway; it was quite a specific and vivid dream. I was so giddy with excitement because it’d mean I can take weekday trips back to New York, just to have a meal there and maybe pick up a couple items from Target, then zip back to Singapore. HA! That’d be swell, wouldn’t it?



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