Silky Smooth Hair with L’oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free

5 Aug 2013

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Yeah, I’ve seen the magazine ads featuring J-Lo for this L’oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free hair products, I think since three and half years ago. In fact, that was probably one of the first instances I came across the term “sulfate-free”. But when I received full-sized samples of the entire L’oreal EverSleek Hair Smoothing System, I wasn’t planning to use them until I’ve run out of my current L’oreal Kerastase hair care products (for colored hair; salon-grade).

That’s until one day I realized I was out of conditioner and I had a head full of hairsprayed hair after a major photo shoot session. My hair was super crispy and deep-fried frizzy. Do you know what’s an easy and painless way to tackle hair that’s full of hairspray? Here here, let me share my trick to wash out hairsprayed hair.


First I wet the hair, then generously slather on conditioner and rinse BEFORE shampooing, follow with more conditioner or go straight to using hair treatment cream. Believe me, when it’s late at night and you just got home from a wedding banquet or fancy dinner party with a head full of hairspray, this is the quickest way – and then you can haul your tired sleepy self to bed, with cleansed hair. It works. Oh, I digress…

Singapore Top Lifestyle Award Winning Blog Moonberry

So I had a photo shoot, my hair was full of hairspray as a result of it and no conditioner at home. I was contemplating whether I should just go out and let someone else at a salon shampoo my hair instead, when I suddenly I remembered there’s an entire set of L’oreal EverSleek Sulfate-Free hair products lurking around somewhere inside my apartment! Since I was going to use the conditioner, I thought what the heck, I might as well use the whole set and try them out as a system.

But what exactly is this “sulfate-free” stuff? What are sulfates, anyway? I looked it up and found out that it’s a foaming agent found in most shampoos and soaps. Sulfates are the chemical thingie that make shampoos turn into a thick lather in the shower. And reportedly these suds can contribute to moisture loss in all hair and can cause color-treated hair to fade prematurely. Oh, eeps.

When I used the shampoo, indeed it didn’t lather up as much as other shampoos. I dunno, we all sorta have this mental conditioning (pardon the pun) that if the shampoo doesn’t lather, it may not feel as thoroughly cleansing right? Anyway you can clearly see in the photo above that there was still some soapy suds produced, if that’s any form of reassurance. And maybe because of the gentle and lighter formula, rinsing felt much quicker for me too. Less water being wasted, yay.

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On to the next step, now that my hair no longer had hairspray gunk, I went for the deep conditioning hair treatment. I noticed that the Smoothing Deep Conditioner was much thicker and chunkier compared to my usual one (from the Kerastase line). Not as creamy. I had my reservations about this at first… hmm.

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Let me bring your attention to my hair ends. Even though my scalp was clean after shampooing, my hair ends were still tangled up – ALWAYS. That’s why I hate shampooing at home, and also why I must use conditioning treatment every time I wash my hair. I don’t think I can afford to skip this conditioning treatment step. I usually bring a comb inside the shower with me and have to detangle the hair ends slowly with the treatment product helping me.

Honestly I find it to be a waste of time and a dreadful chore because I’m always chop-chop-one-two-three-let’s-go-badabing-badaboom-done-and-done! But whenever I rush the combing and detangling, I end up yanking off a lot of hair. I don’t plan on losing my hair so I’m forced to slow down and take my time undoing the knots. Bleah.

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I decided to skip the comb this time and used the conditioning treatment without combing it through my hair. As per my usual routine, I applied the product on my hair ends only, massaging and rubbing it in while concentrating on the bleached parts of my hair because I think that’s where the deep conditioning is needed most.

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Sorta snuck in a bit of a scalp massage too while letting the Deep Conditioning Treatment do its thang for about 5 minutes.

When it was time to rinse, I was very surprised that my hair felt instantly smooth. Whoa, how did that happen!?! Like, when I ran my fingers through my hair with the water still running over it, the tangled knots weren’t there anymore. The water kinda worked with gravity and also the product to smoothen my hair, I didn’t have to use the comb to do any detangling! I dare say despite the chunky thicker texture, this actually worked much better than the creamy Kerastase one that I’d been using. :x

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After a quick towel dry – badabing badaboom, baby! – I used a dime-sized amount of this Frizz Taming Creme Serum before I used the hairdryer. I applied this on my hair ends only. This serum contains Argan Oil which I’ve heard so much about and how it’s a popular ingredient because it fortifies and nourishes hair. Thankfully this serum is not oily one bit and comes in the form of lotion, which I welcome tremendously because I don’t really like oils – they usually weigh my hair down and spread all over the place when I sleep, making my scalp greasy the next day.

Again I skipped using the comb entirely this time and didn’t want to waste too much time with the hairdryer. I just waved the hairdryer randomly all over my damp hair and used my hands to separate hair sections. When my hair was fully dry, it was extremely silky and soft to the touch.

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This turned out to be a fabulous hair day for me. My hair was immediately smoother after using the products mentioned above! And when my hair is silky and shiny, I find that the bleached/colored parts look brighter and healthier too. True to its promise of intense smoothing, these L’oreal EverSleek products gave my hair 48-hour of frizz control. I had great hair for at least two days after this.

I gotta admit I was not expecting such fantastic results and I am truly impressed. I think this may just be my favorite hair products at the moment!

L’oreal Hair Expertise EverSleek Smoothing System can be found at Watsons.

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