SK-II Stempower 10-Day Challenge [Part 2]

21 Nov 2012

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

Continuing where we last left off in Part 1 of my SK-II Stempower 10-Day Challenge… I had finished my ten day regimen and went back to the SK-II counter to have my skin analysis done again via the Magic Ring.

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

To recap the Magic Ring skin analysis, basically a photo of my face was taken using this high-tech device that was able to measure the five SK-II dimensions to crystal clear skin. I had this analysis done before I started on the 10-Day Challenge and we shall compare the results together.

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. The yellow lines represent “Past results” (1 Nov 2012) and the white lines represent “Current results” (17 Nov 2012). As you can see very clearly, in just ten days there was an improvement in almost all of the five dimensions measured, with the exception of Texture Refinement area (which showed a decrease by 2%). I asked Janice, SK-II Beauty Consultant why this was so, and she explained that it could be attributed to a few factors such as lack of hydration, lack of sleep, hormonal breakouts, etc. Admittedly, I didn’t get much sleep the night before so perhaps that was the sole explanation for me. I was, however, quite thrilled that for the most part, the SK-II Stempower regime yielded positive results.

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

The Firmness Power result stayed the same (as before), which means my skin hasn’t sagged in the last two weeks. Heh!

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

In the area of Spot Control, there’s a marked improvement in the number of visible and invisible spots. Previously (remember all “Past” data is in yellow) I had 23 visible and 340 invisible spots, compare that to 18 visible and 313 invisible spots AFTER using SK-II Stempower for ten days. Imagine what these results will be if I continue using SK-II Stempower.

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

Now, I want to bring your attention again to the overall Magic Ring analysis results that I obtained. DEFINITELY a marked difference than the results I got back in June 2012 (refer to past post for the actual diagram). But let me tell you that this is actually an a-okay result and there’s still a lot of work to be done because…

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

I had dragged my pal Karen to get the SK-II Stempower Magic Ring analysis done for her skin too. AND LOOK AT HER BLOODY FUCKING RESULTS. She scored super duper amazingly with three out of five dimensions hitting 100%. WTF*#^@&^#&BBQLED!!! I wanna smack this girl upside down. Numbers don’t lie and Karen’s stunning results made my skin look like sandpaper in comparison. Holy shiet! Homegurl got like, fucking perfect skin. O_O

SK-II Stempower

Here she is, gloating and extremely ecstatic about her analysis results. I swear, the entire cosmetic floor of Takashimaya could hear her giggles of joy because she was so happy. :P

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | SK-II Stempower

Do not be fooled by this girly-girly pally photo. I may appear to be smiling but I wanted to stab Karen. Hehehe, juuuuuuuust kidding. I love ya, babe! ♡ But the next time you rant and bitch to me about having bad skin, I’m sooooo gonna let you talk to da hand. :]

I’m sure everyone wants to know what’s Karen’s secret to great skin. To which she replied, “Drink lots of water and soup!!!”. So there you go, everyone, start guzzling loads of water as Karen had adviced and let’s all strive to attain the same crystal clear + beautiful + gorgeous + glowing skin like her. :) :) :)

SK-II Stempower 10-Day Challenge

My friend Karen is one of those lucky biatches who is genetically blessed with great skin; she could slather motor oil on her face for all I care and she’d still be naturally beautiful. *envy envy* For the rest of us, thank goodness there are products such as SK-II Stempower to help us attain the same beautiful skin.

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59 Responses to SK-II Stempower 10-Day Challenge [Part 2]

  1. Nia Nasyitah says:

    I’d like to improve on Texture Refinement the most! :D

  2. Rusty says:

    I want to improve everything! BUT, the most should be Radiance! :)

  3. Vivienne says:

    Imma SK-II fangirl!

    My main concern right now is texture refinement since I smoke, don’t get enough sleep thanks to my job and work in a horribly dry air con office. I’ve been wanting to try out Stempower for awhile now. Seems like a good time to try and win one.

    Your skin looks pretty good too.. think it’ll look even better with regular FTE use!

  4. Belle says:

    I want improve on my overall skin condition like fine lines, spots and dullness. As I have fair skin,any flaws on my face are magnified. I need SK II ! :)

  5. zerika gan says:

    Radiance enhancement because my skin is super dull, and I seriously need some glow in my skin! :)

  6. KelynnMama says:

    Nothing works well for me, being a mum.. i don’t have a proper timing to take care of my skin and i need something miracle. Age is aging but definitely i hope my skin wont age like my age. My skin problem now is lacks of radiance, and also saggy dull face. I wish and hope to have this magic potion for this coming merry x’mas gift:D

  7. KelynnMama says:

    What i lack of now ! Radiance,Firmness skin,Spot control, Wrinkle less that why i need you Magic Potion!

    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and SK-II Stempower !!

  8. JAdeYupei says:

    At the age of 23years old, what i definitely is Firmness and radiance without both of them makes look rather old ! Give me this chance to proof it that it is real miracle!!

  9. pasty tay says:

    Wrinkle-less, and lack of radiance! Help me !
    SK-II Stempower !!

  10. Herine says:

    Texture Refinement – Radiance Enhancement – Spots Control – Wrinkle Resilience – Firmness Power } I want it all cos I am never satisfied with my skin. As I age, I get really paranoid when I feel my skin elasticity not bucking up!

  11. Marife Floriano says:


    Thank you for this giveaway, i would love to try this products ‘coz i’ve heard they are so effective to improve the skin texture, tone and radiance. Thank you!!!

  12. June Lee says:

    Radiance Enhancement & Spots Control will be my main concern. Now at age 32, i’m more prone to spots so will like more improvement on this problem. I also have oily skin so my makeup oxidize easily. With radiance enhancement, my skin will look better even with minimal makeup

  13. Andrea says:

    Definitely need help on spot control! I’ve been stubborn towards my mom’s countless advice on putting sunblock and staying out of the sun and paying for it now :( I’ve age spots above my eye and freckles on my cheek. Also, texture refinement. I’ve larger pores on my cheeks and nose. I’ve been a fan of the Facial treatment essence for years and know that works for sure and would love a bottle! Would love to try out the latest stempower too!

  14. I believe SK-II can give me crystal clear skin and it is suitable for both young and older ladies.

  15. Jacqualine Chan says:

    I wanna improve on my wrinkle resilience!

  16. hyacinths says:

    My face has been breaking out as i’m not on my regular meds anymore. I’ve been trying to get rid of them but have been unsuccessful so far. i do hope i can try out these revolutionary products from SKII to help me skin bounce back.

  17. Katheryn says:

    Want to improve on radiance and texture! Alot of acne scars so yep thats the two areas I want improve

  18. SHENNY says:

    I really would like to have this set to improve my skin radiancy, reduce the wrinkles / fine lines, etc!!!!!!

    I will super duper extremely Happy to use this set!!!!!!!

  19. Camy says:

    Radiance definitely. Skin has been dulling over the year due to stress and late nights on doing working :(

  20. Grace says:

    Ooh! How lovely! I was just thinking of gifting myself an SK II set for Christmas, now perhaps I have a chance of winning it. :)

  21. tingyi says:

    i want to have great skin too! this would come in handy for xmas! :))

  22. Jane says:

    Love your tip on saving those cotton pads by using them under your eyes:)

  23. LC says:

    Wow! karen’s skin is amazing but yours look pretty nice and glowy in the closeup shot too!

  24. Gillian Lee says:

    I hope to have a beautiful flawless and radiant skin with SK II

  25. Quek CH says:

    Want a beautiful skin and look pretty like you.

  26. I want beautiful and flawless skin this Christmas and SK II Stempower would do just that for my skin.

  27. kwek kuek says:

    wow SK-ll stempower is real, and I think your skin is actually really good compared to my mother’s so don’t be upset lah. but then your friend score 100% is amazing! I will also start drinking more water and soup :D

  28. Kelly Teo says:

    Wrinkle resilience!

  29. I recently found out about SK-II and have been skeptical. I like seeing people take things to the test, and I am so wanting this. I have discolored skin and Im way too young to let my skin go bad!

  30. ecrutcher23 says:

    Great blog! I’ve been trying to find a good firming cream. Maybe this will work for me too!

  31. daphne gal says:

    I want achieve radiant skin and a even texture.

  32. eddy says:

    i hope to have such a beautiful skin as yours!

  33. Bebe Lee says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Hope to have a wrinkle free smooth skin

  34. irenelow says:

    Hi Thanks for having this giveaway chance to get this wonderful miracle.
    I wish upon santa.. My wish for radiance, firmness.. glowing looks for this coming x’mas!
    Give me the magic potion ! SKII!

  35. Tan Janette says:

    I hope to improve the firmness of my sagging skin :(

  36. Kaleen Teo says:

    I hope my face could improve by using Radiance Enhancement and Spots Control

  37. Renee says:

    I would like to improve wrinkle resilience ! :)

  38. Jessie Sng says:

    I’ve noticed that as we age, more dark spots and wrinkles appear. I would really love to have SKII to help me combat my eye bags problem, wrinkles around my eyes and uneven skin tone.

  39. Jess says:

    I wish to get less wrinkles and firmness for my skin. Hope I’m lucky. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  40. WC Grace says:

    As I age, my skin ages too. I believe SK ll will give me soft, smooth, supple, radiant and youthful skin.

  41. Kaori L. says:

    I’d like my Texture Refinement to improve the most :)

  42. Sheryl Chan says:

    I wish to improve the firmness of my face and look radiant :P

  43. Looks amazing!!! And fab giveaway!!! Wish I live in Singapore so I could enter this sweepstakes :/

  44. Tang Kwong Yuen says:

    I wish to improve the firmness of my face

  45. Sharon says:

    Radiance Enhancement for sure. =)

  46. Aileen Ang says:

    I want to improve on my dark spots! They have been there since young, and I really hope to lighten them!

  47. Jason says:

    Oil control

  48. Harvey B. Alegrado says:

    I want improvement on Spots Control & Wrinkle Resilience

  49. Kassandra Tan says:

    I wish to get get rid of wrinkles and improve the firmness and radiance for my skin.

  50. Hong Jingting says:

    I would love to improve the radiance of my skin :) Thank you so much for the giveaway!
    fb name: Jingting Hong

  51. Keith says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I need radiant enhancement.

  52. Fion teo suhan says:

    I want to improved everything, wrinkles, pigmentation etc

  53. koh peng jek says:

    I want to improved Wrinkle Resilience – Firmness Power; I dont like sagging skin.

  54. Cindy Tan Suan Soo says:

    I would like to remove if not reduce the Wrinkle

  55. teo kai sin says:

    Radiance Enhancement and Spots Control for me…..I have some sun spots on my cheek due to my love for surfing =(

  56. luah moi kee says:

    I want to get rid of my crow feet on my eyes so I pick Wrinkle Resilience

  57. teo hock koon says:

    I want to improve my skin texture and radiance and have baby soft skin =)

  58. Kevin tan says:

    Would love to win this for my wife,Kelynn. It been a hard time for her taking of two babies day and night.
    I hope this miracle water will truly helps her alot with her saggy skin and also uneven skin tone..
    That is what she wish for a miracle. Thanks for this giveaway chances:)