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23 Mar 2011

The month of March has been an insanely busy one. I’ve been traveling a lot in the last couple of weeks and as a result from the flying and acclimating to different temperatures overseas, my skin got very dehydrated. My skin has indeed seen better days, so I booked an appointment at Spa Boutique for a 60-minute Cocoon Facial Treatment that targets stressed skin.

Spa Boutique is hidden situated at Nassim Road, a small street off Orchard Road. I got lost on my way there because the main sign was blocked by some truck doing road construction. I managed to find it in the end and was pleasantly surprised at what a lovely outdoor sanctuary it turned out to be. Who’d have thunk that right in the middle of town there’d be a delightful colonial building with Balinese decor and nestled amongst lots of greens? It was a very nice urban escape in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

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I thought my facial was ultra enjoyable. I am used to facials which include cleansing, peeling, steaming, extraction, followed by eyebrow trimming and massage, then mask. Dunno about you, but I generally squirm a lot during extraction because it hurts and I always look forward to the massage afterwards, which I thought always is too short. Gimme more!!! The Cocoon facial at Spa Boutique – I’m very happy to report – comprises of cleansing, nearly a full hour of massage (YESSS!), no extraction (Double YESSS! although actually my face was in dire need of a more thorough cleansing) and a mask. The highlight of the treatment was the massage. It was soooooooooooo comfortable that one minute I was thinking, “This is so awesome, I must come back again!” and the next minute I dozed off because I felt way too relaxed.

When I woke up towards the end of the treatment, I felt my face was much less puffy (product of effective lympathic drainage and improved blood circulation?). Skin felt supple and soft. Safe to say, I was de-stressed! :)

I am definitely planning to go back to Spa Boutique again and try a body massage treatment, maybe the Cocoon facial again (or something different).

With that said though, this month ain’t over yet and the busy-ness continues. -__-”

PS: Suddenly craving for UFC Korean Fried Chicken, particularly the soy-garlic flavor. This is definitely a stress-indicator. Stress = Fried food cravings. :9

Peace out.



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