Tangerine Tango Highlights from Salon de Choix

1 Sep 2012

Uhm… so it’s been about ten days since my last hair makeover at Salon de Choix. Even though I was totally digging the French Blue peekaboo highlights that Sharon and Jerry did for me, the darn color unfortunately didn’t stick for me. After just one wash, the gorgeous blue faded into ashy greyish whitish charcoal whatnot and it made me look like I was prematurely having half a head of white hair. *gwa gwa gwaaaaaa~~~* It was NOT the kinda look that I wanna be rockin’. No way, Jose.

I sought Sharon and Jerry’s advice on this matter, they very professionally evaluated my hair condition and looked into why my hair wasn’t accepting the French Blue. To remedy this situation, they suggested a different color for me — which I was more than super excited about.

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

The French Blue (or whatever was left of it) had to be stripped off from my hair but because my hair was already bleached in the earlier session, I didn’t have to go through this again. Phew~

The new color that I would be having was none other than bright orange, which I fondly refer to as Tangerine Tango. We’re already more than halfway into 2012, but hey it’s never too late to have some Pantone Color of The Year 2012: Tangerine Tango love on my hair. :) :) :) My love affair with orange continues…

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

My geek buddy Keith Nakamura commented on my  new highlights with just one word: “Firefox!” LOLZ, we are both geeky like that. Hahaha, danx danx.

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

I guess the orange is kinda foxy eh?!

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog

BAMMM!!! Bright orange licks of flames after the hair ends got curled. How’s that for foxiness and sassiness? Hur hur. :) :) :) I’m a tad sore that the earlier blue did not stick, but I won’t be missing it all that much coz I *love* my Tangerine Tango peekaboo highlights now. Rock’n’roll, baby. Rock’n’roll.

Anyhoo, I am very happy to share an exclusive discount for my blog readers and social media fans/followers:


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Give Sharon or Jerry a call to make an appointment and give your hair the same TLC like I did. Salon De Choix offers professional hair services and treatment with carefully selected Kerastase and Shu Uemura products that will propel your haircare experience to a new level.

Salon de Choix is Moonberry’s salon of choice! :D

Salon de Choix | The Moonberry Blog
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Tel: 6836 2959

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