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20 Jun 2011


That’s the only word I’d use to describe “that time of the month” when Aunt-Flo comes a-visiting. I don’t know about you but I have been stricken with monthly menstrual cramps for as long as I can remember. I recall one time I was on the NY subway on the way home from work and I started breaking out in cold sweat from the onset of cramps. And my saliva glands began to work overtime, that tell-tale sign of an oncoming bout of puking about to happen. I gripped the hand rail so hard my knuckles were turning white and I couldn’t wait to get the hell off the train, get upstairs to street level and breathe in some fresh air. Thankfully I made it home without any incidents, popped a couple of extra strength painkillers and proceeded to curl up in bed right away, feeling ultra miserable and physically debilitated. You’d think now that I’m well past those puberty years, my system has stabilized and I’d have gotten used to this.

Actually I am somewhat grateful that what I have been experiencing is probably not the worst in all herstory (history, herstory, geddit?), because I have heard of a friend’s ex-girlfriend whose menstrual cramps got so bad every month that the poor girl either had to be admitted to the hospital for some really strong pain-killer (the likes of a horse tranquilizer) or totally paralyzed in bed. :0 WTF? Okay, maybe the story got exaggerated after being passed on so many rounds, but you get my drift on my attitude for gratitude when it comes to relativity.

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Over the years I’ve tried hot water bottles, warm abdomen patches, a cocktail of various painkillers, prescription drugs, hot baths, yoga, ginger tea, chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture even. Naturally, I’m all for holistic remedies but usually they don’t work fast enough so the only thing that’s effective for me was OTC fast pain relief capsules like Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gelcaps (yes, it’d better be extra strength AND rapid release). However I am concerned about taking these regularly on a monthly basis…. I really don’t feel very comfortable with that. And then BAMMM – last year when I got a sonogram done, my ob discovered a fibroid lurking around inside my uterus. It’s a new discovery, it’s small, but still! FML!!!!!! @*%#&*!!!!! This fibroid is making the contractions that much more painful and so my monthly pain continues… :| All the more determined it made me to find a holistic remedy to fix this from the inside out.

Recently, I stumbled upon this new product called ChocoMarvel. It is all natural, plant-based and marketed as a health supplement. So I signed up for a free sample via ChocoMarvel Facebook page, tried it and I AM VERY HAPPY TO SHARE THAT THIS DRINK FRIGGIN’ WORKS!!!

I had very little expectations in the beginning, but it was just like drinking a cup of hot cocoa and anything chocolate-flavoured is always welcome particularly during this time of the month for me. ;p It comes in a powder form, so I dissolved it in a cup of hot water, sipped it, laid in bed, flipped thru a few magazine pages, felt the cramps subsiding very quickly, dozed off, woke up two hours later feeling like the cramps had never occurred in the first place. Impressive indeed. Mighty mighty impressive. Too bad this drink is recommended for consumption up to twice daily only, so for the rest of the time I guess I’ll have to supplement with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate cake, etc. Heh!

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Powder-form straight out of sachet.

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All natural ingredients.

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Just like hot cocoa, mmmm~

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My chocolate arsenal for this cycle.

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I am psyched about this discovery. One sample packet wasn’t gonna do it for me, so I peeled myself off the bed and trekked to the nearest Guardian’s, got myself two boxes right away. Each box (SG$19.90) contains 8 sachets. Go request a free sample and try it out yourself first.

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Oh, by the way, have you all heard about the menstrual mystery of women who are in close contact with one another eventually will start menstruating around the same time? Meaning, the women start having synchronized menstrual cycles. It’s not a myth, it’s true!!! That happened to me with my group of close jiemeis when we used to see one another very frequently; at some point or another we all would start having our periods around the same time. Anyone else has a similar experience and wants to confirm this?

Go girl power. (Sigh.) :p

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Peace out,

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