Tokyo Disneyland

11 Jan 2011


I wrapped up my year at “The Happiest Place on Earth” … “Where Dreams Come True“… hur hur hur. (Those are Disneyland’s slogans; I went to Tokyo Disney Resort – made up of Disney Land and the new Disney Sea.) Fun! Fun! Fun!

Moonberry’s Theme Park How-to:

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Tokyo Disneyland

1. Dress up and be kawaii.

2. Be silly. The sillier, the more fun to be had.

3. Have some imagination.

4. Allow self to become a kid again.

5. Get carried away by new adventures.

6. Savour the special moments.

7. Appreciate and enjoy.

Why, oh why, do these awesome things happen to me indeed? *winkz*

And with that, I closed 2010 and welcomed 2011. =^_^=

Wishing you and your loved ones a great new year with lots of joy and much much awesomeness.




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