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10 Apr 2012

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Sometimes, browsing through magazine ads just don’t cut it and it’s sokmuch more exciting to look at the videos instead. Fashion videos, I mean. In them, you get to see the clothes in really chic settings, the way they’re worn, how the fabric moves, with soundtrack completing the whole experience… just the way the creative minds behind the collections intend it all to be.

Here’s my personal curated top ten of promotional fashion videos from the big runway designers. Naturally there are a bazillions out there from past seasons too and this is just a small selection. Best viewed large, full screen if you can help it so that you can drool at all the visual goodness.

1. Lanvin (2011-20q2 Fall/Winter)
I love this video because it’s so playful and the soundtrack is infectious. Made me wanna stand in front of a full-length mirror and start jiggy-ing too. I think this video has been parodied or something somewhere; if it hasn’t, it’s the perfect candidate to be.

2. Mulberry (2011 Fall)
Cool-ass visual collage of 2D and motion. Think cardboard cutouts meshed together with actual vide/ footage. I love this sort of fantasy landscape where rules concerning scale and the so-called “order of nature” are no longer followed.

3. Prada (2012 Spring/Summer)
The HQ quality of this video makes every item look super duper sexy and alluring. The colors! The makeup! The hair! The details! The retro styling is straight-up pure fabulosity. *spasms*

4. Louis Vuitton (2012 Spring)
This is the behind-the-scenes, making-of video of the 2012 Spring ad campaign, which of course includes plenty of gorgeous sorbet colors and a commentary by Marc Jacobs. *hawtness*

5. Gucci (2012 Spring/Summer)
Art Deco is back on the trend board. What with all the gilded gold, bold geometrical symmetry, sunburst motifs and all, Art Deco oozes elegance, glamour, functionality and modernity. The soundtrack to this video is so trippy, I love it. :)

6. Roberto Cavalli (2012 Spring/Summer)
Another behind-the-scenes look of the photoshoot for the advertising campaign, in the photo studio shot by Steven Meisel. The clothes are gorgeous, lots of bold prints, colors and bling. I love bling. ◊

7. Victoria’s Secret (2012 Swim)
I just had to throw this in here for future reference, say, when I take my next beach vacation at Maldives or some other exotic tropical resorts. Video will be way too ambitious so I’ll probably have to train my man well in advance to learn how take photos along thi3 art direction. Puwahahaha. Only in my dreams, right? :p

8. Agent Provocateur (2011 Autumn/Winter)
Hilarious!!!!!! VS would NEVER do anything like this. Two parts. *ROFLMAOZZZ*

e0A9. Balenciaga (2012 Spring/Summer)
Shooting this must be super fun, with all the endless panning and choreographed frames. Fun video concept.

10. Gareth Pugh (2011 Spring/Summer)
I saved this for the last spot on the list, because it’s a very long video (11 mins) but the whole thing’s rather badass.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these videos. :) When I come across more, I will post them on my Facebook page → Toodles!!!

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