Watercolor Blossoms

12 Feb 2011

There was a time when I was sitting on my hands with nothing to do for weeks, so in an effort to spend my free time learning something new and enriching myself I took a class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Oh, I love the classes at BBG because they are so laid back and after class, I get to enjoy the garden. One of the classes I took there was a one-day workshop, Fresh Flowers Watercolor Painting, taught by Mary Jo Anzel. Prior to this I had never painted at all much (yes, yes, I did go to art school for four years) and I had always been keen in figuring out watercolor because of the dreamy quality that results in the finished artwork. Despite feeling intimidated at first, it turned out to be a really awesome class and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Materials for the class.

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Soon I got both feet wet (haha, I’m so punny – pun-y, funny, get it?), got the hang of this watercolor business and started to crank out piece after piece in the studio.

Finished work 1.

Finished work 2.

Finished work 3.

Not too shabby for a first-timer, eh? I was (still am) so proud of these. But alas, it was a short one-day class and sadly these were the only paintings I did. I have not touched my art materials again since then. With so many moves in the last couple years and all, I have already thrown my paints out. :X I have also forgotten all the techniques which my teacher Mary Jo Anzel taught me. In fact, while looking at my paintings now, I am thinking, “Did I really do these?? Uhm… how did I paint that!?” @_@ D’oh.

Mary Jo Anzel’s style is so free and easy, which I really enjoyed learning because there was no pressure (especially for a noob like me). I think the technique she teaches is called “wet on wet”. Some of her beautiful work below:

(Top Left) Tea Roses, (Top Right) Blossoms with Fruits, (Bottom Left) Blossoms with Lemons, (Bottom Right) Blossoms with Strawberries

All in a row with fruit

Blossoms by the Window

Blossoms with Sunflowers (This painting was painted for the watercolor instructional video.)

Seeing the bright and cheery colors blending fluidly from one to the other is very uplifting. I ought to pick up watercolor and spend some time swashing pigment and water on paper again (it’s so therapeutic!). I am planning to look for classes to enroll into. Anyone want to take a watercolor painting class with me? Seriously, I’m a newbie. :x

Peace out. *xoxo*


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