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22 Jul 2012

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Step aside, Chinese medicated oil. There’s a new player in town on wheels and it does ollies. :)

Graphic designer, Zhan Wei, from China has designed a series of skateboard desk design titled “What Chinese medicine” for a brand named ” Black Knight ” of China Challenge Skateboard company. The designer shows popular society issues with the idea of “What Chinese medicine”, combine the Chinese characters with Chinese cyber language and the old days traditional Chinese medicine package illustrations image, try to inspire the thinking of the relationship between individual and the society. This design involves several famous traditional Chinese medicine, shows this Skateboard series’ confidence, you can choose according to your needs, and attain the effect of removing blood stasis, or activating collaterals, raising yourself to the next level, relaxed and happy.

保技玩 Bon Gei Waan (Skill keeperplayer)

反骨水 Faan Gwat Seoi (traitor)

乱花油 Lyun Faa Jau (Spend oil)

淫丹 Jam Daan (Orgasm every day)

疯游精 Fung Yau Jing (Crazy gamer)

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The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

I’d imagine if you ride these bad boys, you’ll probably want to keep the original ointment around for bumps and bruises. Don’t underestimate Chinese medicated oils, man. They have been known as a universal relief for pain, headache, stuffy nose, flatulence, sore muscles, bug bites, tummy aches, etc. The wonder oil. ;)

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