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8 Feb 2012

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Aaahhhh, Valentine’s Day.

In the past, I’ve had my fair share of Valentine’s Day the romantic, being-swept-off-my-feet, feel-like-the-gawddayamn-most-special-girl-in-the-world way. Received the personalized mixed-CD-of-love-songs before, the surprise homecooked gourmet meals, being serenaded, the candlelit fancy restaurant dinners, the extravagant bouquets of roses, the wobbly homemade souffle of undying love, the rose petals and candles bubble-bath, bla bla bla. Lucky girl I’ve been. :*) I know. Hee! I gotta say, the souffle really left a lasting impression on me; it was yummy, it was homemade from scratch and the warm chocolate inside was oozy woozy. *swoons* (That’s the Pisces in me talking.)

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This year, however, I am doing something VERY different for the first time: I am auctioning myself for a dinner date!


Please don’t wait. START BIDDING NOW. }:P

Why I agreed to do this? Along with Sold.sg, I am dedicating my V-Day evening to a dinner date with the auction winner and proceeds will go to a charity organization. Because it is going to be fun and it is for a good cause.

Doesn’t that sound nice and meaningful? Here’s how to bid for this special occassion.

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So what does the winning bidder get? This awesome person and I will have dinner together! The Valentine’s Day dinner will take place at Limoncello restaurant on Feb 16th. And just look at the mouth-watering menu for that evening…

Valentine’s Dinner for Charity 2012 at Limoncello
Dinner Menu

Valued at $95.00++ per Person

Antipasti Limoncello
Burrata Cheese Served with Grilled Vegetables, Rucola Salad, Cherry Tomatoes and Parma Ham
Vitello Tonnato
Roast Veal Served with Tuna and Capers Sauce
Impepata Di Cozze
Sauteed Mussels in a Delicate Wine and Tomato Broth, Amalfi Style

Assorted Napolitana Pizzas

Cannelloni Di Vitello
Homemade Cannelloni Filled with Ricotta and Veal
Scialatielli Amalfitana
Homemade Amalfi Coast Udon like Pasta with Fresh Seafood

Meat SpecialitiesDesserts
Medley Of Dessert

That looks like A WHOLE LOTTA food, doesn’t it? And the auction winner doesn’t have to fork out a dime for all that gastronomia (courtesy of Sold.sg)! The restaurant looks really cozy too. I think a great time will be had by everyone that evening. Excuse me while I begin to figure out what I’d like to eat that night. :X Jeebuz, they are all so mouthwatering. *decisions, decisions*

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If you ain’t gonna be bidding for me, noooooooo problem. There are nine other bloggers who are also putting themselves up for this charity auction. Preferably of course you should be bidding for this one, kekekekeke. I don’t know all of the other bloggers personally, not yet anyway – so I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know them at the group dinner. Yeps, if you are the shy sort don’t worry as this won’t be some awkward 1-on-1 date with a random strange stranger … aka me -__-“. (You are still welcome to bake me a souffle in private, if you like. *ahem*) It will be a group dinner with a mix of different online personalities, so I believe it will be an enjoyable social get-together. I am excited about the evening! Aren’t you? Well, you should be.

Since this is a charity campaign, I don’t suppose there’s gonna be a gender restriction, right? Boys, girls, young, old, straight, gay, everyone EVERYONE is encouraged and welcome to participate, bid and contribute as much as you can. So please do!


:D :D :D

By the way, please don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Below are some tips from the lovely gals at Victoria’s Secret on the Do’s and Dont’s for V-day.

(Disclaimer: This is NOT a hint to anybody in particular. *ahem*)

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Psst, don’t forget to bid. It’s a day to celebrate love. Do it for love. Do it for charity.

☞ ☞ ☞ All proceeds will be given to SCAS.

Peace out!

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Question for readers: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done or experienced during Valentine’s Day? Tell me your memorable V-day stories please!


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