Prada Candy Florale

23 Jul 2014

The Moonberry Blog Prada

Prada’s latest fragrance, Candy Florale. Combining freshness and joie de vivre, Prada’s Candy fragrance evolved from the concept of a fictional young female character, Candy. Alluring and unexpected, pleasure-seeking and enigmatic, the many facets of Candy’s personality reflect the range of notes that form Prada Candy.

Video directed by fashion photographer Steven Meisel.


Saigon Eats :: Daily Bread Banh Mi Ngan Moi Ngay

22 Jul 2014

Banh Mi Ngon Moi Ngay Saigon

Daily Bread
125B Hai Ba Trung, P. Bến Nghé
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Banh Mi… Oh, Banh Mi. One of my fave things to eat everrr. I still remember the first time I had it, at Banh Mi Saigon under Manhattan Bridge, when it was still US$2.50 at the time. Crusty baguette bursting with generous fillings of barbecued pork, cha lua, paté, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber strips, cilantro, and with a dash of addictive Maggi soy sauce, it was cheap, delicious, and most satisfying for the starving college freshman that I was (circa early 90′s).

Sometime last year when my overseas-Vietnamese friend Cara was traveling the region and visiting Singapore, she hand-carried banh mi for me straight from HCMC and gawd, the heavens parted and a legion of chorusing angels descended in golden rays as I sunk my teeth into that sandwich. It was a beautiful moment. Needless to say, having banh mi in HCMC was at the top of my “eat-inerary” hit list!


Saigon Eats :: Quan An Ngon

21 Jul 2014



Quan An Ngon
138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

A popular restaurant housed in a colonial building with a very extensive offering of Vietnamese dishes from northern, central and southern regions so it’s a one-stop shop to sample all these dishes at one go in an alfresco setting. Relatively inexpensive, even though crowded with tourists. The draw to this place is mainly the street-style vendor stations throughout the restaurant where you can see the food being prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed the Grilled Blood Cockles and Grilled Oysters (with loads and loads of rau ram, my new fave herb that’s kinda like basil but has a bit of cool minty-ness) and wanted to order a second portion but it was sold out – WHUAT! At 730PM!?! *crushed*

I also liked the Baby Clams served with Crispy Rice Cakes (anyone knows the Vietnamese name for this?). Here I got schooled in the difference between Banh Xeo – a crispy pancake filled with beansprouts, and Banh Beo – steamed rice flour cakes with dried shrimp topping. I really liked the Banh Beo, it was pillowy, the dried shrimp topping was exquisite. It was served with a few slices of cha lua (Vietnamese ham) and a drizzle of nuoc mam cham (fish sauce), exceptionally delicious and light so I went ahead to order a second portion but was told again that this was also sold out. Wtfgawddamnitz!