You’re The Apple Of My Eye

9 Dec 2017

I am ecstatic about this dietary antioxidant! Like most people, I have seen the word “antioxidant” here and there, but also like most people, I don’t accurately know what it is and what it does. So when I received press samples from Renovatio, I did some quick reading to get to its core.

Renovatio, an Australian superfood company, makes the world’s strongest antioxidants from Australian apples. Made from wholesome ingredients, the vegan products are sold as supplements and skin cream, and they are delivering extraordinary results across the world. And now, I’m the latest convert.


Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Spring 2017)

7 Dec 2017

I’m always delighted to check out the Affordable Art Fair and I try to pop in as often as I can every year. Even though I have missed several in recent years, I managed to visit the Spring edition this year. The Affordable Art Fair shows in Singapore have come a long way since the first time I went in 2010, from the setup to the participating galleries and curation of artists, it is more and more sophisticated.

This year I briefly went through the halls and spotted some pieces which caught my eye.


Artisanal Perfumery PureDistance Arrives At Singapore

22 Nov 2017

“A novel is a work of poetry. In order to write it, one must have tranquility of spirit and
of impression” said Fyodor Dostoevsky.

We were delighted to be presented with the opportunity to interview an inspiring individual in the world of perfumes: Mr. Jan Ewoud Vos. He is the founder and creative director for PureDistance, an artisanal perfumery from The Netherlands. Drawing inspirations from art, to music, movie and postmodernism, his insights span beyond fragrances and the perfumery business. Through our interview, we got a glimpse of his philosophy – of quality over quantity, and why less is better than more.